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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Two Chesterfield women have been feeding the 23 cats abandoned in their neighborhood after they said the county animal shelter told them they couldn’t help.

Heidi Parker and Linda Biercz are on a mission to rescue the cats after their owners moved in July.

“We've been taking turns feeding them, going over and checking on them, taking them fresh water,” Parker said.

Parker and Biercz met when Biercz was out walking her dog in their Carter’s Mill neighborhood and spotted Parker feeding some cats.

Both soon met James Jacobs, who lives right next to the cats.

“The male cats spray the cars to mark territory, all the tires, every tire,” Jacobs said.

He said some renters who lived next door started out with three cats, but things quickly got out of hand.

“They just kept multiplying,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs and Parker said they contacted Chesterfield County’s Animal Control after the renters left, but both said they got the following answer. “They told me their pound is full, their animal shelter is full, and there's nothing they can do to help,” Jacobs said.

Now, the three neighbors are banding together to try to get help for the cats.

“They're not feral, they're pets, and they need homes,” Parker said.

Parker said she called every animal group she could find, but, so far, she’s only found help with six of the cats.

The Richmond SPCA agreed to take all of the cats that are four pounds or less.

“They're just going to keep reproducing. It’s a problem, and we need a solution,” Parker said.

CBS 6 contacted the county's animal shelter, but has not heard back from the shelter yet.

The Chairman of Chesterfield County’s Planning Commission, Edgar Wallin, said he’s trying to figure out if the county has been doing a good job of code enforcement.

If they have, he said he will explore if there is a way to improve existing ordinances to prevent something like this from happening again.


  • sw

    I have read they have the same problem in the city. There is a woman who catches the cats and takes them to be spayed or neutered and then lets them go so they will stop multiplying.

  • Savanahasrescuemom

    Just an idea why don’t you start a FUND ME project to assist with getting them all altered (spayed or neutered). You could also put it on Facebook for your area to get help from those in your areas and to reach the masses. Each of these cats and kittens deserves a chance at a good life. Also, you might call your city officials office and explain the issues and see if there is any helping hand they can lend with getting you all in touch with a low cost vet or rescue group. Just an idea but I would reach out to rescue groups that are in your area to see if they can help also. Hope this helps some and will also post the article to network it to see if it helps. Good luck and God Bless you both.

  • ja

    You seriously have issues Timmy. How about someone poison you and be done with it. That way.we don’t have to look at your stupid comments pertaining to anything involving animals!

  • Jennine Kinzer

    Timothy, are you trying to get attention with an outlandish remark or are you truly a fat, overweight SOCIOPATH who lives alone, surrounded by cats and litter boxes, all the while blaming women for your problems. Oh yes, you’re one of those “perpetual victims”. I suspect you are a hapless wimp trying to get attention. If not, you are one scary creature.

  • Southern Gent

    A failure of the pet owners and of local government.
    The cats need to be removed and placed in homes. Feral cats are
    devastating to bird populations.

  • Unknown

    Cats shouldn’t be left to roam onto others property, thus, the cats should be housed indoors if the feeders are incapable of fencing in an area for them (which does exist, and does work for cats).

    Beyond the liability of your outdoor cat scratching up someone’s car because it wanted a good vantage point to observe all the local wildlife it’s going to decimate, now people have to put up with your furballs running around streets/etc. Not everyone has the best reaction, and if it were to come between a ditch and a cat, the cat gets it.

  • Maria

    has anyone checked to see if there is an animal shelter that will at least do spay/neuter at a discount or something. cats are like rabbits, if they dont get fixed they will keep multipying. this terrible that there owners just left them without a care of what would happen tto them. very irresponsible and mean.

  • Lynne

    Richmond Animal League spays and neuters ferals free all you have to do is trap them and bring them in you can also get traps from them.

  • Amy

    Have you contacted RAL (Richmond Animal League)? They have a spay/neuter clinic on site. I don’t know if they have any room to house any of the cats for adoption. They’re usually pretty full. But they may be able to help stop them from multiplying further. Worth a shot…. Good luck!

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