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HESPERIA, Calif. -- A California mother taught her son an embarrassing lesson after she found out he had been breaking into cars. Paula Hamblen took to Facebook and apologized online. She said she was sorry her 17-year-old son made "stupid choices." She added he hung out with the wrong crowd.

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"I was crying when the officers ended up calling me letting know that this is what happened,"mother Paula Hamblen said. "I was really upset because they said it was really terrible the things that they were doing."

"I was blaming myself for what he did," mother Paula Hamblen said.

"I was blaming myself for what he did," mother Paula Hamblen said.

Her son was later arrested.

"I was kind of blown away for her courage to come out and at the same time I was embarrassed for her son," car theft victim Steven Edinborough said.

Paula wrote she had always been a parent who taught her kids right from wrong.

"I was blaming myself for what he did, you know, where did I go wrong, and some people were like 'don't blame yourself it's not your fault,'" she said.

She said she hoped her public shaming campaign against her son will set the teenager straight.

"He's probably going to be mad at me, but I don't care and hopefully he learns his lesson,"she said.

She also said she hoped the teen who spend some time in jail.


  • Tana

    As parents we are responsible for the “effort” not the outcome,,,we can only hope we taught them right from wrong and when faced with it they will make the right choices,,,sometimes they dont,,that doesnt make it your fault mom :)

  • lt

    i guess this is her way of trying to prevent her son from doing this again. society likes to dump a lot on the parents or parent -maybe the dad taught him this behavior.

  • athynz

    If more parents did this rather than try to say their perfect little angel would not/could not do something like this the world would be a better place. Way to go mom – you did your best but sometimes even the best parental influence can be hijacked by some scumbag.

  • tim

    hmmm mighty strange how in this case people are saying even if you raise your child right, they might possibly go astray. However in other stories on this site the concensus is usaully bad parenting/fatherless household to blame when kids make bad choices. (When people dont know anything about the kids parents) But in this story the comments are saying kids can still make bad choices with good parents via peer pressure, etc. I just find it funny how people’s opinion is swayed by skin color…I mean, I wasnt supposed to say that—I meant how people’s opinion is swayed from story to story for WHATEVER possible reason it may be.

    • athynz

      How do you get a racial motivation? The problem isn’t with race it’s with parents who claim their little angel can do no wrong despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s with those parents making excuses instead of taking responsibility or teaching their children responsibility.

    • paula

      Michael you would know what a crackhead look like because you are one. You know nothing how a worry and concern mother look like because yours didn’t care about you. That the reason you are the type of person you are. This mother is great. We need more like her.

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