Cheerleader killed sunbathing in driveway

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Marli Hamblin,15, died Sunday in Syracuse, Utah.

Marli Hamblin,15, died Sunday in Syracuse, Utah.

SYRACUSE, Utah — Fundraising efforts are underway for the family of a high school cheerleader killed sunbathing in the driveway of her Utah home. Marli Hamblin died Sunday, two days after the accident, according to

Hamblin, 15, had headphones on and was listening to music when her sister backed over her with a truck, police said. Investigators said the sister could not see Hamblin in the driveway.

“If you’re in a big truck and you look behind you, you might not be able to see directly behind you,” Syracuse (Utah) Police spokesperson Erin Behm said. “I think that that’s what happened here. It was just an accident.”

Hamblin’s friends have come together to raise money for her family. They’ve put “Marli’s Miracle” on bracelets that they are selling in the community.

Marli's Miracle bracelets

Marli’s Miracle bracelets

The miracle refers to Hamblin donating her organs so other people may live. Money raised from bracelet sales will help Hamblin’s family pay for funeral costs and other expenses.

For more information on the bracelets click here.


  • ja

    Wait a minute. Don’t you have to look behind far behind you to check and double check to make sure you don’t hit sonething.
    I am very sorry for this very young girl and.her family. My prayers go out to them. Make it awareness to always use safety at all times.

    • Rae Weatherford

      No Ja!, I have driven trucks for years and this is something that can happen easily, she would not be visible since the truck sits so high, her sister obviously did not realize she was laying in the sun, if she had not been wearing the earphones, she would have heard her sister get in the truck and start it such a tragedy! so sorry for her sister she will have to live with this tragedy for the rest of her life :(

  • Chrissy

    Seriously…..THAT’S your comment?? THAT’S what you came up with after reading this story?? Heartless idiot…..

  • Rae Weatherford

    Screw you DIRTBAG!! Your just jealous because women can be independent, strong, self sufficient and have brains, more than likely you live with your MOMMY since no one else will have you! Get a life :)

    • negativereaction

      First off, your comment AND your assumptions were not necessary. The family is hurting and I’m sure they don’t need people making degrading comments such as yours. She was a 15-year-old girl wanting to catch some rays. That’s all there was to it.

      On a second note, I am a 24-year-old female. I work a full-time job and I work as a contractor (part-time) at a PR firm. I can manage to pay my portion of rent on time, and I pay for all my groceries, clothes, car insurance, gas, cell phone bill and student loans ON TIME. Wow, that must be a rarity for women right? We all must be living the “American Dream,” as you so nicely put it. I believe YOU have confused the definition of “strong and independent” with something more like “dependent on others and unable to provide for themselves.”

      You’re so happy to point the finger at women; there are some men who are more than happy to mooch off of others. But you neglect to acknowledge that information. Sexism at its finest.

      • angie

        so sorry for the negative comments, someone has to be really sad with there life to make such remarks. God bless the sister who accidentally did this. I pray for this poor family. What a beautiful girl she was and she gave a special gift of life to other people. God watch over this family. Love and peace to the family. In Jesus name.

      • athynz

        I see you refer to yourself as a female. I assume you are a very LARGE female. Get your bon-bons and settle in for an evening of TV. That’s as good as it gets for you.”

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      • David

        athynz, you are such a very special man; wise, honorable, and good. If Eddie Haskell had a son he would be just like you.

    • negativereaction

      Well you’ve assumed wrong. Female is just another synonym for “woman.” Just because I choose to use the word “female,” doesn’t make me a LARGE female. By the way, who eats bon-bons anymore? My diet is limited to fresh fruits and veggies, meat (not red). I do not eat fast food and I limited my intake of processed food. I eat out maybe twice a month. But man, I must be a LARGE female since you assumed. I guess all that Zumba, yoga, weight training, cardio exercises, hiking outdoors and kayaking must be pointless for me since I am SO LARGE.

      Get over the fact that it is possible for women to be self-sufficient and independent without having to use sexual favors or anything else to get men to pay our bills.

      You are one bitter man who obviously has an issue with women.

      • athynz

        Old woman, are you following me around the forums? Sick. Nothing worse than a stalker.”

        No Timmay I’m not following you – I see your idiotic rants on almost every article I read and yes I’m going to call you out on your idiocy and bitter rage-induced war on women and minorities. So your wife left you for a woman because you could not do the job right – get over it. And BTW I’m not a woman you idiot.

      • athynz

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  • John

    Don’t drive where you can’t see. How hard is that to understand? Kids are in such a hurry to just drive their car. Give her a ticket.

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