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What this family found inside a case of bottled water will make your skin crawl

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BRISTOW, Okla. -- An Oklahoma family got quite a surprise after unloading some groceries from Walmart.

Heidi Hemingway said she and her daughters went to Walmart and bought the case right off the shelf.

"We get home, and she helps me unload probably about 10 of them, push the water to the side," Hemingway explained. "About 30 minutes later she starts screaming there is a snake in the water."

The family discovered a live pygmy rattlesnake inside the case of water, intertwined in between the bottles.

Hemingway said her husband reacted quickly.

"So I get my husband and he pushes the water outside. The snake kind of runs loose and he kills it with the end of a broom stick,” said Heidi Hemingway, who purchased the case of water.

Walmart said it is going to check all of its water to make sure there are not any more snakes lurking around.

"It was really scary, especially with all three of my kids there. It could have got out and got one of them," Hemingway said.