UPDATE: Police nab man who flipped off security cam after yanking out toilet

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- Police have arrested a man wanted for removing a toilet from a laundromat who also had a message for anyone who saw him on security footage. A photo of the suspect released by Fredericksburg Police showed him extending both middle fingers at the security camera.

Suspect in Hillcrest Laundry toilet theft (PHOTO: Fredericksburg Police)

Suspect in Hillcrest Laundry toilet theft (PHOTO: Fredericksburg Police)

Police were called to the Hillcrest Coin Laundry on Lafayette Boulevard in Fredericksburg early Friday, Aug. 8 ago after a customer found the building had flooded.


"A check of the security camera showed a male subject entering the building around 2 a.m. through an unsecured door and moving out of camera range into the bathroom, where it was later discovered that the toilet had been forcibly removed from the floor," Fredericksburg Police spokeswoman Natatia Bledso wrote in an email.

Middle finger suspect

Fredericksburg police said they arrested 19-year-old James Nicholson on Monday.

Nicholson was charged with burglary and vandalism. He was also  charged for a similar incident at a Spotsylvania County laundromat in July.

Nicholson is being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.


  • marie

    Hey Robbie….Total misunderstanding here. He had to use the bathroom really bad, broke into this place, lost track of time time, had somewhere to be soon and had no choice but to take the toilet with him. He was on his way to college next week, was a model citizen and loved Jesus. Had only been in trouble once for accidentally shooting someone 8 times and did a small 10 year stretch in prison.

  • And they walk among us

    He feels much better now. It must give him great joy to wrap his arms around that well used public toilet. Probably went home to celebrate his great personal triumph over the commode and ate popcorn. ( after not washing his hands.)

  • Sonja

    That guy even looks like a thief. What woman in her right mind would ever show any “interest” in HIM??

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