Federal judge spends night in jail after alleged domestic dispute

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A federal judge spent the night in an Atlanta jail after being charged with misdemeanor battery in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife.

U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller, 55, of Montgomery, Alabama, was charged with battery physical harm-family violence after Atlanta police responded to the downtown Ritz-Carlton hotel shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday.

Police say Alabama federal judge Mark Fuller was arrested in Atlanta and charged with battery.

Police say Alabama federal judge Mark Fuller was arrested in Atlanta and charged with battery.

“Officers spoke to the victim, who stated she was assaulted by her husband, Mark Fuller,” an Atlanta Police Department release says. “Officers observed injuries to the victim. She was treated on scene by (paramedics) but refused to be transported to the hospital. Mr. Fuller was not injured.”

The judge arrived at the jail about 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

Fuller appeared before Chief Magistrate Judge Stephanie Davis via video conference from the Fulton County Jail on Monday morning, said Fulton County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan.

Fuller’s next court date will be August 22 for a probable cause hearing, Flanagan said.

Nelson did not immediately return an e-mail Monday, and a man answering the phone at the public defender’s office said she would be working at the jail all day.

Davis granted Fuller a $5,000 signature bond, and he walked out of the jail before noon ET, Flanagan said.

His next court date will be August 22 at 9 a.m., she said.

Fuller was confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama in 2002.


  • Luv Life!

    He probably preached to others about maintaining their temper and not hitting their wives/husbands, but he wasn’t one to practice what he preached! His punishment probably wasn’t as harsh as what he dished out to others!

  • Paula

    5000 dollar. That is nothing. Atleast his wife wasn’t silent about his abuse. He tell other men that can’t beat their wife and he go home and beat his. I hope he share a cell with some men that he send to jail.

  • Timmy McFadden

    I would never advocate violence against women, but sometimes they go out of their way to provoke it so that they can get that coveted “victim” status that all women want. She’ll get alimony, child support, the house, the savings, etc. It’s every American woman’s dream to get that sweet deal.

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