Mom arrested for DUI outside Midlothian bowling alley had 4 kids in tow

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MIDLOTHIAN, Va. -- A Chesterfield mother was arrested for drunk driving outside a Midlothian bowling alley last Saturday.

But Lisa O'Neill was not just charged with DUI, she was also charged with child neglect because she had four kids in the car in King Pin Lanes' parking lot.

Steven Bartulewicz, a manager at the bowling alley, said it could have been a deadly situation.

"I had people who were scared to come inside, because they didn't know what was going on," Bartulewicz said. "It was a really bad situation."

Bartulewicz said O'Neill signed up to bowl a game with four kids, including one of her own.

Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O'Neill

"When she got here, nothing was out of the ordinary. I know she acted a little strange,” said Bartulewicz. "She never had a drop of alcohol here -- and I never saw her drink anything.”

Several customers told Bartulewicz that O'Neill was stumbling while walking out to her minivan and then got behind the wheel with the kids inside.

"We were just talking to her and you could tell something was off with her. I had some customer out here with me helping me to help her not leave,” said Bartulewicz.

When she refused to listen, Bartulewicz called 911. He credits those customers who stopped O'Neill from pulling out of the parking lot.

"She started the car twice and the one guy standing there talking convinced her to cut the car off both times,” Bartulewicz said.

After police responded, officers said O'Neill  could not stand up and that the 40-year-old failed a breathalyzer test that resulted in a .18, which is more than two times the legal limit.

Officers also said they had to use force because O'Neill refused to be arrested.

O'Neill was release on bond. CBS 6 News tried to contact her several times by phone Friday.

O'Neill is scheduled to appear in court in September.


  • They walk among us

    Yea, alcohol again,,,and its legal. Never seen a pot smoker stumble away . Why did alcohol prohibition end ? I forgot. Why is pot more dangerous and prohibited? Next time a drunk driver wraps their car around a tree and beer cans fall out the car, consider why?????

    • Belsma

      That’s not really the point. Would you take bong hits before driving 9/10 year olds to take them bowling? I certainly hope not. Would you be able to contain yourself knowing this was a planned outing that may take a couple of hours before getting messed up on anything?

  • Paula

    Not only did she put her child in danger she had someone else child with her. It probably not the first time.

      • David

        Oh what a load of dickheads you are to pass judgement …and yes . The family owns penny lane pub …. .oh yes let’s be Richmond. And persecute local business owners . No wonder Richmond can’t move forward

      • Belsma

        Pass “judgement”? She blew twice the legal limit! She had charge of four children and knew ahead of time that she would be taking them out. She obviously was drunk before she even left the house, and luckily she did not kill the kids, herself or someone else on the way there! I certainly hope she gets the help she seems to need.

      • athynz

        Oh what a load of dickheads you are to pass judgement …and yes . The family owns penny lane pub …. .oh yes let’s be Richmond. And persecute local business owners . No wonder Richmond can’t move forward”

        How is anyone persecuting the business owners? All that was said is that her family owns Penny Lane Pub. As for the judgment passing 1) she was twice the legal limit and was driving around with a bunch of kids and 2) isn’t it more than a bit hypocritical for you of all people to cast stones at someone passing judgment?

      • Belsma

        Thanks Athynz. I was just pointing out that it is an Irish name, but they happen to own a “British” pub. I support local businesses all the way!

      • David

        No athynz, the “David” posts on this page are not “David/Troll”. You never tire of being wrong. I suppose being wrong so much is consistent with supreme stupidity.

  • Belsma

    Hope you are not serious Cory, and for the record these kids are not brats. One 9 year old was smart enough to refuse to get in the car with this woman.

  • Angela

    Who cares if she’s a business owner?? Does that make her above the law? Should we let her drive drunk with kids because she owns a business? They need to sew her hole shut so she can’t pop out anymore kids!

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