Richmond’s $15-dollar-a-day hotel provides more than a place to stay

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RICHMOND, Va. -- It is a type of hotel in Richmond that rolls out the red carpet for guests needing more than just a place to stay. Thousands of people every year check-in to what is called Hospital Hospitality House. A place to stay while family members recover in local hospitals.

The Hospital Hospitality House at 7th and Marshall provides a home away from home.

"I just don’t know what anybody could ask for," guest Sherry McClintic said. "I don’t know what people would do if they didn’t have a place like this."

Sherry McClintic

Sherry McClintic

McClintic, a Blackstone mother, stays at Hospital Hospitality House while her husband battles stage four cancer at VCU Medical Center.

Robert McClintic

Robert McClintic

For 30 years Hospitality House has provided peace of mind for 7,000 annual guests who pay a suggested donation of $15 a night.

"If you didn’t have Hospitality House what choice would you have if you lived a distance away," McClintic asked.

Some guests say the beauty of Hospitality House extends beyond the actual building, to the people who work there.

Click here to nominate a hero.

Click here to nominate a hero.

"We are more than just a working team. We are a shoulder if they need a shoulder to cry on," staff member Debbie Cox said.

Combined Debbie, Jasper “Shorty” McLean, Todd and Josie have nearly 80 years of experience lending a helping hand.

"It is more than just a job," McLean said. "It is more than just a 9 to 5.”

The folks at Hospitality House say they could not succeed without the help of several volunteers who help guests during their stay. Since opening in 1984 Hospital Hospitality House has served more than 140,000 guests.

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  • Amy

    When my bf had cancer he was treated at Yale. If there was such a place such as Hospitality House it would have taken much of the stress away. I think Hospitality House is the best thing I have ever seen. It provides a place for loved ones to be with their friend or loved one while they are being treated and trying to stay alive. Thanks to the great people who provide this !!

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