Days after CBS 6 report, crooks target Colonial Heights auto shop for fourth time

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Criminals have targeted a Colonial Heights auto shop for a fourth time just days after CBS 6 reported that tools from a storage trailer had been stolen.

Police told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil, who profiled the rash of crimes on Friday, that officers were called to Wamsley Tire and Auto Center around 3 a.m. Monday for a report that someone was trying to break into their car lot.

However, when officers arrived, they did not spot anything suspicious. Later that morning, officials discovered that two of the cars on the lot had been brdoken into.

Employees have been working out of trailers at Wamsley Tire and Auto Center on Boulevard since someone first set the shop on fire and stole a car in June.

"It's more overwhelming then anything," David Wamsley, whose family business burned down, said. "First time was one thing, but then two times afterwards. What’s going to happen next?”

The burned out shell of a building is a constant reminder of what happened on June 26. That's when thieves broke in, stole car keys, set the building ablaze and took off in a in a stolen car.

And the virtually destroyed family business did not stop thieves from coming back.

Less than two weeks later, Wamsley said the crooks returned and stole another car.

Then the thieves struck a third time, breaking into a storage trailer and stealing brand new tools.

"You know the fire was a little, little harder than any of it,” Wamsley said. “But the second car and then the tools, I think, just got a little more angry than anything."

Colonial Heights Deputy Fire Marshal Joe Boisseau said Wamsley is now stuck having to rebuild his entire business.

"He's trying to get started and as soon as he takes one step forward, it's like something happened and it's taken him a couple of steps back,” Boisseau said.

As the investigation continues, the reward for information has now doubled to $15,500.

"We're hoping somebody has some information that they're willing to come forward and provide it to us,” Boisseau said.

If you have information that could help investigators, call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.


  • manalishi

    A fourth time. There is no reason for a statement from Deputy Fire Marshal Joe Boisseau. It is, however, long overdue for an official statement from Colonel Jeffrey W. Faries chief of police. This IS his problem and his leadership in the dept is being mocked for the second, third, and fourth time at the facility? If the Wamsley’s damages were deducted from the departments budget, the perpetrators would be hanging from a light pole by now.

  • They walk among us

    Time to set a trap . I would lie in wait if it were my business. Locked and loaded. See if lead is what they crave in their bellies…they wont be back after that.

  • Ann

    Would like to say two words – SECURITY CAMERAS. Also, neighbors of this business, step up and help with this. Unsolved, it will spread like a disease and you are in line of sight; they are practically standing in your yards while doing this. Shame on those who buy these stolen goods; for lack of your part in this thieves would have no incentive to steal. Laugh while you can little idiots harming others for petty amounts of cash. Everything always comes out, then you will be crying for your momma to come bail you out. Let’s hope you still have some of that stolen money lying around somewhere in your room she can find for this.

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