$19K in Redskins tickets included on McDonnell’s financial form

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RICHMOND, Va. -- More revealing details coming out Federal Court regarding Bob and Maureen McDonnell dual corruption trial. At the center of day 10 was the evaluation of the McDonnell's economics.

One of the major issues raised at the beginning of today's trial focused on the filing of the 2012 Statement of Economic Interests (SOEI) form. The governor is required to fill out the form every year--essentially creating a paper trail of gifts and loans.

Matt Conrad, McDonnell's former deputy chief of staff and deputy counselor testified Friday when he presented the former governor with the first draft of the financial form in 2012, McDonnell appeared "displeased" with the nearly $80,000 total. Conrad said McDonnell even asked for prior economic forms for comparison. One of the gifts that gave Bob McDonnell pause, according to Conrad was $19,000 spent on Redskins tickets.

Because Mrs. McDonnell did not hold a public position she was not required to complete the SOEI. But it was mentioned Maureen may have been "hoarding gifts" at the mansion. However Maureen's lawyer reiterated there was an internal tracking of gifts the former first lady received.

Finally Conrad told the court Bob McDonnell asked him what the definition if a personal friend was? This was huge, because if a family member or personal friend were to give McDonnell a gift or loan the former governor would not have to claim it on the form. Conrad said he was told to recommend McDonnell consider those he knew before he ran for Attorney General, as friends. But the defense fired back saying there was no definition of a personal friend, instead it was at the discretion of the person completing the SOEI.

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  • Robbie

    I don’t care if he’s a Republican or a Democrat, he’s an elected official that took bribes. He needs to go to jail. A message has got to be sent to those we have trusted to represent us that it is not alright to break the law for personal gain. Send them to jail!

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