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Wife sets husband on fire for molesting 7-year-old daughter

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RENTON, Wash. - The video shows a man running into a Washington state convenience store screaming "I'm on fire!" and "Help me!"

The video was recorded minutes after Vincent Phillips' wife doused him with gasoline and set him on fire while he slept, according to a report on

She told police she set Philips, 52, on fire because he hurt her seven-year-old daughter. The child is his step daughter. Police recommended Philips be charged with first-degree child molestation once he recovers from the July 17 incident.

Phillips suffered severe burns.

When asked why she did it, his wife said shooting him "was too nice."

His wife, 40-year-old Tatanysha Hedman, was jailed on assault and arson charges.


  • Ron Melancon

    Extreme but she did what she felt in her mind that was right. It. Is because of our legal systems failure that for some reason gives these evil people more rights than the victims leads to this. Yes people feel that the justice system in some cases is not working … Example. Google Dells Used Duct Tape

  • Christi Freeman

    Good for her. If our criminal justice system punished these people, this would not have had to happen.

  • Kansas Kountry

    More child molesters need treated this way. ‘Justice’ for the victim is rarely attained through the court system. I speak from experience.

  • shannon

    Extreme!!!! Are you kinding! He is a monster and should’ nt be walking right now and she should be at home with her daughter. Kids need rights. A mothers job is to protect there children and that is what she was doing.

  • kevin

    even after he’s set on fire he runs to a crowded area to try to hurt others.coward.just lay in bed and burn

  • em

    lolz. oh well, another creep bites the dust. hopefully she will only do time served and plead temporary insanity. you can’t mess with children. when you molest children, you are asking to be found face down in the river, but fire is a great option too. kudos to Tatanysha Hedman. she is one of our unsung heroes.

  • Paula

    I would have done the same thing. He going to wish he had die when the men in prison get finish with him. Ron I like your song

  • Blarg

    He tripped on a gas can while smoking a cig. Case dismissed.

    If the justice system is going to made into a mockery the least cops and judges can do is let us have one every once in awhile.

  • Belsma

    Don’t mess with momma bear! She did sort of go off the deep end, but when it comes to our babies we sort of go crazy if/when they are harmed.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    I hate how our government feels we cannot bring forth our own justice when we know the justice court offers will fail.

  • KB

    *doused with gasoline – not dosed with gasoline… shouldn’t you get things proofread before publishing them?

  • Linda

    What a crying shame this woman was arrested!!! Flipping pervert does this and the law locks HER up?? That’s our laws at work people. Hope he rots in hell!!

  • And they walk among us

    Good for her. I would have done he same…if he don’t burn here…he will burn in Hell anyway…whats the big deal?

  • Robinson

    Oh I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with what this mother did!!! Yes indeed!! I know that if any one had touched my daughter I would have castrated them, even if it meant that I would go to jail or prison. One thing I would die for in this world with no questions asked is my children. This woman should be at home able to love on her child.

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