Smile! Bill and Shelly return to Richmond radio

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RICHMOND, Va. — It was a big day for fans of Bill Bevins and Shelly Perkins. The Richmond-radio duo returned to morning radio Thursday on a new station.

Bill and Shelly can now be heard on Easy 100.9 FM.  Bill and Shelly joined the CBS 6 This Morning crew Thursday talk about their comeback.

"We had butterflies until about 30 seconds before we went on the air, but as soon as the mics went on it felt like we had never left," Perkins said about the morning show.

Bill and Shelly spent more than a decade together on Lite 98, but signed off shortly before Christmas after deciding to not renew their contracts.

"If anyone thinks I got a break from him [Bevins] over the last few months, you're wrong," Perkins said. "We live very close together and we were together nearly every day."

Bevins has also worked here at CBS 6 since the 1980s, and currently serves as a co-host on Virginia This Morning.

CBS 6 meteorologist Carrie Rose and sports director Lane Casadonte will provide weather and sports updates on the radio show.


  • G W

    Remember that station that used to be on 107.3 before it went oldies format? There was a DJ named Billy on there too. He did some outrageous stuff. Whatever happened to him?

  • Karl Hott

    As much as I like Bill & Shelly, they shoulda stayed at Lite 98. Switching to an old folks easy listening station is no way to spend the final years of your career. Remember when Gene Cox “retired” and then went to channel 8? Yeah, nobody else does either.

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