Shed fire becomes electrical safety hazard, forces evacuation

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. --More than a half a dozen homes lost power after a shed fire forced people from their houses, and the fire wasn't even the most serious of problems.

Neighbors say they hear a series of popping and hissing sound, as the flame began shooting above the house.

The flames grew so high they began to melt the power lines, which in turn fell and energized a fence. Several of the homes on Bonnie Brae Road had to be evacuated.

It was a close call for Daniel Valencia, who ran out looking for his mother. He could have been electrocuted.

“I’m glad they came running after me,” he said.

Chesterfield Firefighters had to take extra precaution to put out the shed fire as they doused the flames shooting above the shed.

“Our hazard expanded from what would have been a routine shed fire into an electrical safety hazard,” said Battalion Chief Matt Coffin with the Chesterfield Fire Department.

Wrapping up their work on the ground, there were no injuries to firefighters or people living here.

Fire investigators say that’s the best news because this; “Was a tricky one, flames and juiced lines are never a good combination.”

The fire started from a leaf blower that was hot when put away, said the Fire Marshall.

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