Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

Arrests made after shooting outside mall leads to drama inside Regency Square

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A man has been charged in connection with a shooting near the parking lot of Regency Square Mall. Police were called to the 1400 block of N. Parham Road at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

"Officers arrived and had contact with several adult males in the area of Quioccasin Road and Starling Drive," Henrico Police spokeswoman Captain Linda Toney said. " One round was located and no injuries were reported."

Quioccasin Road and Starling Drive

Police said William King was charged with attempted malicious wounding, use of a firearm and shooting into an occupied building.  Orlando Carter was charged with assault.

William King (SOURCE: Henrico Police)

William King (SOURCE: Henrico Police)

Police would not officially release more details about the incident citing their ongoing investigation.

Witnesses and police sources however helped paint a more complete picture of the situation.

The incident started as a fight between two group of young adults, a police source told CBS 6 reporter Sandra Jones. During the fight, someone in the group pulled out a gun.

At one point the gun fell to the ground, at which time some people involved in the fight ran away, the police source said. As one group ran away, someone in the group that remained picked up the gun and started to fire.

Those gunshots could be heard inside Regency Square mall, according to a witness who asked to remain anonymous. Shortly after hearing those shots, someone (believed to be the intended target) ran into Macy's. That person disappeared into the mall, the witness said.

Regency Square Mall

Henrico Police soon showed up and searched the mall. It is unclear at this time whether police located the person who entered the store.

Wednesday's shooting comes days after two men used a knife to rob the nearby Boost Mobile store.

“The suspects displayed knives and made demands of the adult female cashier. One of the suspects hit the victim in the head with a knife handle, causing a minor injury,” Capt. Toney said about Boost Mobile robbery.

The shooting is one of three violent crimes in more than a week for that area and people who live and work near the mall are on edge.

"I do have a grave concern because this is our neighborhood," said neighbor Michael Glover.

A mall spokesperson said they are working with Henrico police and said their shoppers safety is top priority for the mall.

If you were at the mall Wednesday night and saw anything that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000. We would also like to hear your report, so click here to email the WTVR CBS 6 newsroom.


  • reeltime

    Like so many malls in an urban area the paying customers will take their business elsewhere and only the thugs will be left, and then the mall will shutter.

  • kevin

    .wonder what happen to a once nice place to go?funny when a certain group takes over a area it just declines.I know thats not it,right?

      • Dee Cee

        I seem to recall that GRTC stopped that bus going to Regency years ago…..
        I use to catch it b4 i purchased a vehicle. Was a nice lil ride about 30 minutes w/transfer from Broad St.

  • The Real

    Tom you are ignorant!!! You can’t blame a race based on what a group of people might have done, like I can’t judge your race based on that stupid statement you made………You are Racist……

  • donna

    I lived on Grace while in college around 1978 on. GRTC picked up from Board street and went to the mall. I went there many times to shop and eat. Just saying GRTC has been delivering people to Regency from the city area for many years and cant be the only cause. Regency at that time was the showplace mall in the area and those of us whether college students or residents from all areas of city didnt get into gun battles. People r shying away from shopping in malls and one i industry souce says only 50% will survive the next ten to twenty years with people going back to big box stores and shopping on line. They r becoming hang outs and due to their size attracting larger numbers not shopping people. Just saying dont group all people who may rely on bus to visit mall as reason for any demise.

  • Light

    There are rich wanna be non ethnic thugs in that area so it may have noting to do with urban people. The wanna be’s do what they want because they know they will get away with it. People white, black and whatever else commit crimes in areas like that consistently but the news do not report it because that side of town have a image to keep. It’s called tell a vision ( television)

      • tim

        Light is right, the crimes are not reported due to image unless its something major. A piece of candy gets stolen in southside and its on the news. This only made the news because this white boy shot outside a mall.

  • Lance

    Stop making excuses, this was a white boy in this situation. Stop trying to blame other races. when they are white they are right……..WRONG!!!!! without a doubt, im sure he’s a republican!!!

  • kitty

    Mmmmm….glad my race wasn’t involved… and who goes to short pump …too expensive… I don’t care where you live crime and violence is all over the World…period..I blame the parents and their upbringing… lil white thugs

  • angel2

    This is sad and ridiculous (as all crimes are). I lived not too far from there in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and worked part-time at Regency for a while for Christmas money. My opinion on many crimes: DRUGS. Our nation is going to hell in a hand-basket while we fritter away trillions of $$ overseas…as long as I can recall, it’s always been that way.

  • Steel Mill

    White and Black punks on dope
    So much for the famous war on drugs, has been going on since Nixon and accompished NOTHING.
    Billions spent, increase in prison populations (we have the world’s largest).
    Regency used to be the place to go, it is now working towards the place not to go.

  • Tawana

    Seriously?. .. what are urban people? Are you guys “trying” not to be racist and say black people? We live in an urban city. Richmond, VA is not a rural city. There are people of all races that have faults with them, stop trying to blame all bad actions on black/urban people.

  • Robbie

    I see lots of blaming criminal activity on certain ethnic groups and people that may or may not vote Democrat. It’s ironic that all crime is blamed on blacks and Democrats when across town the X Republican Governor and his nutjob wife are on trial for taking bribes. Trying to live the lifestyle of the rich out of touch Republican party just didn’t work for Bobby. He got caught!

  • tim

    This white thug will get a slap on the wrist. Might be because of his connections or might be because of his skin color. He wil get all his time suspended. Then he will be able to get a job like his record is squeaky clean, get married, work next to upstanding citizen….no one will ever know he’s a criminal. You’d be surprised how many people work in corporate america with this story. Black people with a criminal record dont stand a chance.

  • bill pahnelas

    this area has been going downhill ever since they tore down the county school bus depot to build that shopping mall…

  • shanice

    its just so messed up that you cant go ANYWHERE nomore.. back in the day as a child you can just go chill and have fun at the mall or anywhere else.. but now i go in and get right back out.. asap.. get what i need and im out.. cause its just not safe anywhere no more and its sad.. I have a 3 year old and for ppl to be just shooting at malls etc.. smh.. its just real real sad.. I was just at that mall…with my 3 YEAR OLD SON

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