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‘You should have listened to your mother’ judge tells man who killed Virginia State student

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Bryan W. Williams Jr., 20, will spend 15 years in prison for murdering Virginia State University student and Hopewell native Eric Wilkins Jr.

Williams faced a life-prison sentence had he been convicted on the first-degree murder charge he originally faced. He made a deal to plead guilty to reduced charges of 2nd degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Bryan W. Williams Jr. (PHOTO: Chesterfield Police)

Bryan W. Williams Jr. (PHOTO: Chesterfield Police)

As part of the deal, the judge sentenced Williams to 43 years in prison, but suspended 28 of those years.

Williams killed Wilkins, 22,  at a party in an apartment complex near the Virginia State University campus in November 2013.

Eric N. Wilkins Jr.

Eric N. Wilkins Jr.


Williams' lawyer said the shooting happened when a man showed up at the party and started a fight. Williams, his lawyer said, reacted by pulling the gun and firing.

Williams said he was not aiming at anyone, he was just trying to stop the fight.

One of two bullets Williams fired hit and killed Wilkins.

Before he left for the party Williams said his mother told him he should stay home because she did not trust the friend who invited him. After sentencing Williams to prison, the judge told him he should have listened to his mother.

When asked about the plea deal, Wilkins' mother Jessica Thomas said regardless of the charge, nothing would bring her son back.


  • manalishi

    Again, the respectable people of VA have to take care of another democrat P.O.S for 15 years. This “chump” should not be on this planet. 15 years should be reserved for the a**hole that supplied the gun to this savage.

    • tick Hamilton

      The guy he shot was not a criminal in fact he had a positive movement going on with his music and was an all around great person .don’t speak on people you know nothing about

      • manalishi

        No, he shouldn’t have gotten “life” unless you and those who agree with you are going to pay for it. He should have gotten what he gave.

      • Erika

        Shut the phuck up punk a$$ Manalishi with your bytch a$$. All you do is talk shyt!!!! Your whore of a mother didn’t teach you shyt or your absentee father. Sit your bytch a$$ down &;just shut up!!!!

      • manalishi

        Erika, your estrogen patch is overdue for changing. It’s affecting your ability to think and reason.

    • Katherine

      Quit making it partisan. The judge is to blame for his insufficient sentence. This is why we get nowhere, because people ignore the problem in order to start a larger “party” fight.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Don’t blame the judge. Want to know the real issue? Jail AND prison overcrowding. End the war on drugs and murderers will get more legitimate sentences. The judges are being told to ease the sentences to make more room in the prisons which are currently overcrowded. It also takes up to 2 years (sometimes more) to get shipped from jail to prison in Virginia. Another thing of note, most murderers get even less time and I know in Richmond City Jail they put the murderers with 15 years or less in the same place with the misdemeanor people. If you want to place blame place it where it belongs.

    • Suzanne

      Why is it when making a comment, you ALWAYS have to bring politics into it? What difference does it make what the political affiliation is? On the outside looking in, you appear to be a redneck rouser who bites off more than he can chew.
      Stick to the point of the message at hand and keep your personal opinions to yourself.

      • manalishi

        No redneck here! I just treat democrats for what they are based on their/your core beliefs. Did you have something to add other that your opinion??? or are you just defensive that everything you hold dear is a fraud and don’t like being called out?

    • tim

      bush’s son or clayton’s son was shooting in the parking lot at regency yesterday and their other son was in the group who stomped the boy to death.

  • Tired_of_all_the_ bias_&_hypocrites

    It’s quite ironic how the views and comments of this situation differ from those when Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin.
    So, I’m sure the comment: “He should have gotten what he gave” also pertains to the “P.O.S.” Zimmerman who fatally shot an unarmed teenager.
    Humble yourselves and have respect for the victim’s and their families.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      Zimmerman defended his life from an attacker in accordance with state and federal laws. This POS shot someone in cold blood. The victims family should be outraged at this sentence. This is they change they vote for it their districts so I guess they have to live with it. Re-elect more liberal judges and expect the same everybody’s a victim outcomes.

    • manalishi

      “Humble yourselves and have respect for the victim’s and their families.” Then you pay for his incarceration,,,, out of your own pocket. “chump”.

      If Trayvon would have listened to his mama, she wouldn’t have had to dump him off on his deadbeat daddy. Not sure how it applies, but obviously you see a connection.

  • shanquel

    “a positive thing with his music” you mean calling women biothes and hoes.shut up theres nothing positive about that cultures music.a pig is a pig even if hes a clean pig

  • shanquel

    oh and trevon martin was a pot smoking thug who got what he deserved.same as many black teenagers are going to start getn if they dont pick their victims more carefully

    • Erika

      Post under your true name bytch. George Zimmerman is a wanna be cop that no one cares about with his bytch a$$!!!! What if someone said that white boy that was murdered by the three black guys got what he deserved. Or if someone said it was a bad drug deal. Watch what the phuck you say about people you know nothing about

      • manalishi

        What does the 3 thug posse have to do with one democrat’s light sentence? What kind of culture are you supporting? How much are you going to pay to take care of this community Icon that was sentenced today? Oh, thats right, democrats prefer that everyone else supports democrat failure,, Including your mother’s.

      • tim

        LITTLE shanquel—-you know how many of your beloved whities smoke ‘pot’? add them to your thug list. yep, you’re right—-that little white boy got what he deserved in bon air on the 4th of july. As for the music….ever listen to that gothic, punk metal ish white people listen to? nothing but the devil—just like you, blue eyed devil!

        so lishi, you agree with shanquel? i notice you try to pretend not to be racist but you only comment back to those who go after racist commenters.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      And George Zimmerman was an alcohol drinking thug. I can play that game too. An alcoholic with a history of violence.

  • Sandy

    I always wonder how one could ALWAYS know a criminal’s political affiliation unless they have a personal affiliation with the criminal. If not and you’re that astute, you’re truly wasting your “gift” with likes of us mere mortals.

  • Steel Mill

    An incredible lack of judgement..was it alcohol? Drugs? Cognitive deficits…who knows.
    Well, he will have enough “time” to think it over.
    Can see him having much of a life after he gets out but he is young.

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