Walmart to open store on VCU campus

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RICHMOND, Va. — The country’s largest retailer is opening a store on one of Virginia’s largest college campuses. Walmart announced plans to open inside a yet-to-be built building on the VCU Campus.

The 4,100-square-foot store would open in late 2014 or early 2015 at 912 West Grace Street, according to the university.

“VCU is excited that our students will enjoy the convenience and low prices the Walmart on Campus will offer,” Diane Reynolds, assistant vice president for business services at VCU, said. “With its product mix, pharmacy and services, this is a great addition to retail growth on and around campus that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and surrounding neighborhoods.”

The new Walmart is part of the company’s Walmart on Campus program. Other colleges involved in the Walmart on Campus include: University of Arkansas, Arizona State University, Georgia Tech and the University of Missouri.

“We are thrilled to bring one of our campus stores to VCU,” Walmart director of public affairs Brooke Mueller said in a statement. “We continue to find new ways to make shopping more convenient for our customers, and they have been very enthusiastic about this format.”

The new Walmart will employee about 10 associates, Walmart said.


  • Latoya Johnson

    How are they only going to employ only 10 associates in a store in the middle of the Fan & VCU? It sounds like this store will be mostly self checkout which means few jobs for the community but more revenue for Walmart. #FAIL!

  • Sarah

    The store is only going to be a little over 4k square feet. It’s not like the huge Wal-Mart stores most people are used to. While I’m not a big fan of Wal-Mart and haven’t been to one in years myself, this seems like a good store for the VCU students in the area. Many don’t have cars and this will provide a pharmacy and household supply store within walking distance. And even 10 jobs is better than nothing!

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      If you can’t live off minimum wage, you are living above your means. I’ve done it, proved it and moved on. It just takes work, sacrifice and living within your means. Oh and not having kids you cannot afford.

    • BO

      Most of the students will be working there.Let them see the future.American youth has been sold out and they still don’t believe it.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I think they should be proud!!!! You all should be ashamed for speaking about things you know nothing about. Also for being “Nosey Nellys”

  • Crush

    How is this a bad thing in any way? I’m asking that question in a serious, non-rhetorical manner. This just got announced and already some liberal chicken-head girl on Facebook is trying to get a petition in motion to block this from happening. I truly don’t get it. Wal-Mart is a store where you can buy a good selection of stuff at good prices. People obviously want and need those items and enjoy paying less for them, hence why Wal-Mart has been successful as a company. I honestly get the feeling that left-wing nutjobs just reflexively poo-poo the idea of Wal-Mart because it’s a big business and isn’t “mom-and-pop”, but I’d say Wal-Mart’s ability to deliver large quantities and selections of goods at cheap prices is a shining example of the power of free-market capitalism.

      • Crush

        Way to be specific, bro. Care to cite an actual reason why this is bad? Be sure to back up your assertions with factual evidence. I know that sounds tough for an intellectual such as yourself, but give it your best shot.

    • mary ledwith

      It is not in the US that my concerns are. Walmart is not the only place in the US that pays minimum wage. What I dislike are the numerous dangerous and proven business practices overseas in China and India. So many are children who will never get an education. Is that what VCU wants to foster? It is neither left or right wing when you have the factory fires that killed hundreds in Mumbai India that produced Walmart items as the sub contractor had deplorable and deadly factory conditions
      Cheap is not always better. I think this is morally a very high price to pay. Walmart has the influence to change that. They have just agreed to paying restitution to the families who lost loved ones. Me I’ll buy my T – shirts whenever I can when they are made here or if I can know that they were not in those conditions. As a VCU Alumni I say but another pharmacy and store there.

      • tammy

        wal mart is not the only company with faulty labor practices overseas. I’m sure you buy stuff all the time and do not know the orgination of it, hence supporting these bad practices unintentionally. Unintentional or not, support is support. If you’re going to complain about one company, complain about all. ANYWAY—-this is good news for VCU.

    • betterbees

      Walmart’s business model intentionally undercuts the American economy . It’s their policy to have a certain amount of their products produced outside of the country. My mother worked for Mead Westvaco and in order for Walmart to sell their products it’s in the contract that they outsource 60% of their production. They had to close three paper mills so that Walmart would work with them. That’s approximately 10,000 jobs and this is just one instance. How many companies products are on their shelves? How many times has an American lost their job because of Walmart?

      • BO

        Our leaders have cut out American workers.You opinion does’nt matter.Your vote does’nt matter.If you are white you don’t matter.This country owes us we don’t owe them.

    • James

      Id consider my self a liberal and im excited for a walmart on campus. Ignorant right wing always trying to label others and involve politics.

  • Chaz

    It seems this is better for Walmart, and perhaps VCU, than for students.

    VCU already has an on-campus pharmacy and there are other pharmacies located just as close. VCU’s bookstore (which doesn’t even carry the school’s publications, but that ‘s another issue), their computer store, and various chains just as close to campus already supply the students with what this store would provide.

    So what’s the benefit to students?

    I suspect Walmart finding a way to have a presence in the fan, and VCU having a reliable, high brand renter as more to do with it than helping students.

    VCU is a business, and with continual reductions in funding, even more so now than ever. As a student there I’ve noticed more and more how VCU will do what’s best of it, and if that aligns with what’s best for the students it’s a happy coencidence.

  • Steel Mill

    Walmart is awful..Can not believe VCU is catering to an organization that has no respect for workers and whose polices are among the worst in corporate America.
    But then again money talks….

  • Will

    This is the worst idea ever. Do they want to put all the local corner markets out of business? This is not for Richmond. For years I have been proud to say that there is no Walmart in downtown Richmond, and now there will be one right at the heart of VCU… it’s sickening.

  • Robert

    This will be good for the students, who generally don’t have a lot of money to spend on things. Communities need a mix of national and local to give people choices. Better to let people vote with their pocketbooks. This is also a REALLY small store – somewhere between a 7-11 and CVS in size. It’s not going to end civilization as we know it …

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