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UPDATE: Bond granted for ‘French Kiss’ suspect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- The man arrested and charged under Virginia’s little known "French Kiss" law was granted bond Friday.

A judge granted Erick Alezndro Hernandez Tellez $3500 bond and ordered Tellez to have no contact with the alleged victim or her mother.

In a jailhouse interview Wednesday, Tellez said he was confused about the charges and why he was arrested since he claims he never kissed the girl in question.

Police arrested the 21-year-old man for sexual assaulting a 12-year-old “female acquaintance.” Tellez was charged with violating Virginia Code 18.2-370.6, which outlaws anyone 18 years old or older from kissing a child under the age of 13 with a tongue.

Tellez said he has never been alone with the girl. He said the girl hangs out with a group of teenagers who harass him when he walks to his sister's house.

He said police came to his home last week after he and the girl's teenage boyfriend got into a fight. He said he believed the girl and her boyfriend made up the story to get him in trouble.

"I voluntarily went with police because I know I did nothing wrong," Tellez, who speaks Spanish, said through a translator. "I was never with her, so I'm not scared about getting in trouble."

Tellez, who said he worked as a landscaper for Stockner's, said he believed he is being taken advantage of because he cannot defend himself in English. He said he did not understand why he was originally denied bond.


  • David

    Have you never been to a country where you didn’t speak the native language? Of course not, you haven’t been anywhere outside of VA.

    • manalishi

      Several of them D-water David. I’m just not a landscaper there. Your failure must be a perpetual democrat thing. Why are you supporting the illegal perv? More of you and Robbie’s agenda?

      • David

        You don’t know that the man is here illegally or a pervert. You are just a dumb landscaper who has never been anywhere.

    • MamaBear

      Typical response from a pedophile…the victim made him do it, she wanted him. Another illegal that should not be here. Deport him so those kids won’t pick on him again.

      • Rob

        Mamabear, we cannot pass judgement yet…ever heard of Due Process? And while it’s true that pedophiles tend to blame everyone but themselves, how do we know he is a pedophile…could it be possible that the girl maybe lying to get back at him for fighting her boyfriend? Just because a person is not from this country does not mean that he/she is a bad person…I’m not passing judgement one way or the other, just saying, let justice do its job.

      • MamaBear

        Whatever happen to protecting the children (12 is a child) from this type of predator? Red flag went up when this 21 year old accused her of harrassing him when he walked by…really. He claims he speaks no English but he said she was fighting with her boyfriend. How did he know it was her boyfriend? Just love it when illegals claim they don’t understand English. Nope I don’t believe this guy, I believe the child.

      • athynz

        IF he did do what he was accused of then yes prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. However there is a chance – as remote as it may be – that he’s telling the truth. I for one would hate to see an innocent man punished.

      • Troll

        athynz …. It is so nice that you wouldn’t want to see an innocent man punished. What a great person you are. You are also great and super smart to determine that the truth of the man’s story is more remote than the girl’s story simply from this news article. wow, you should be a judge, NOT. You are still the supreme village idiot.

      • athynz

        athynz …. It is so nice that you wouldn’t want to see an innocent man punished. What a great person you are. You are also great and super smart to determine that the truth of the man’s story is more remote than the girl’s story simply from this news article. wow, you should be a judge, NOT. You are still the supreme village idiot.

        AUGUST 8, 2014 AT 9:00 PM”

        Keep your promise boy and be done with me you whiny little beyotch. No one is more of a willfully ignorant idiot than the well-named Troll.

  • Sandy

    There are three exemptions that are available to allow you to become a naturalized citizen without knowing how to speak English. But I don’t believe Mr. Tellez fits into any of those categories unless he has a mental of physical disability that prevents him from being able to learn English. I would also suspect that if he is here illegally, he wouldn’t take the chance of voluntarily going to the police station. But there is probably a lot more to this story than we know and I would dare say that we should underestimate what youngsters will or won’t do. Time will tell….

  • Timmy McFadden

    He’s going to rot in jail for a month for a false allegation. For you married guys, the next time it may be you. If your wife is thinking divorce, all she has to do is claim abuse and you’ll be in the same boat as this guy.

    • athynz

      You are such a bitter man Timmay. So your ex-wife saw through to the real Timmay and decided she could not be with such a bitter, self centered, egotistical jerk. In you own words “get over it”.

      • Troll

        Quit throwing monkey poo again and again athynz. “self centered, egotistical jerk”, add ‘narcissistic blowhard’ to that character analysis and you’d be describing yourself rather well.

    • wiseman

      Manalish tell us why you hate women. Is it cause your mom threw you away? Is it because your mom slept with a blackman or is it that your wife left you for a blackman? Tell us. The world want to know. Don’t be ashame. We here for you. Lol lol lol lol

      • manalishi

        I’ve never had a problem with women,,just ask yo mama. And tell her i want my undies back. 2 more 40’s and you can take advantage of yourself.

      • athynz

        No, no, no – you have manalishi and Timmay confused. Manalishi has an issue with democrats and liberals, Timmay is the one with issues towards women.

    • Troll

      How is it that you consistently misspell simple words like “border”? Keeping company with athynz will turn you into another village idiot like him in addition to your present profile as a sociopath.

  • Afferton

    It worries me that so many people can try and convict a man based on a short news story with no evidence what so ever.

    Anybody could go to the police and make a similar accusation about you. I am sure you would hope that others would await a fair trial before making judgement.

    I reserve opinion until the facts and truth are exposed.

  • Glen Allen

    I can understand holding someone on these charges until more information is gathered and verified, but his defense seems believable. If his statements are true, then this was a hate crime, and his accuser should be held accountable and punished to the furthest extent of the law. People that hate other people simply based upon nationality cannot have much respect for the human race and have serious problems that should be addressed early in life. If the guy is found guilty, he too should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and deported.

    • Troll

      “If the guy is found guilty, he too should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and deported.” Hmmmm, if the man is found guilty, then he has already been prosecuted whether to the “fullest extent of the law” or not. Suspect you meant to say “punished” instead of “prosecuted”. athynz made the same error above, but one would expect stupid mistakes from athynz and for him to try to weasel out of his own words.

  • For Real

    A simple swab would find out if he kissed her or it is a lie by the 12 year old. Why he may not have gotten bail, time to process the swab cultures.

  • John

    Look, we have a 12 yro girl that has a teenage boyfriend 13-19 ? Their hanging out on a corner, looking for trouble ? Teenagers hanging out on a corner doesn’t seem productive, where are the parents? They may have did this because he wouldn’t join their click and hang out on a corner. I have my doubts he did this. As for as being a alien , go to your town hall meeting and ask your mayor what he is doing about it. Unless your Native American or Mexican your family was alien.

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