‘There was nothing I could do,’ driver describes fatal Dinwiddie accident

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DINWIDDIE, Va. – Julie Logan Durham was killed Monday evening when the pickup truck driven by her husband veered into oncoming traffic and was hit by another pickup truck.

The accident occurred around 6:30 p.m. on 460 east and Courthouse Road in Dinwiddie.

"When I heard the news this morning, it’s devastating," says Shannon Riggs, a longtime friend of Julie.

Eric Durham is now charged with driving under the influence.

Sheila Hayes knew Julie three decades, meeting when they were just 10 years old.

"Julie was one of the kindest people" she says from her Chester home.

"I just spoke to her that day," says Hayes, who like so many, find Julie’s death and the charges hard to understand.

"Being angry and upset isn't going to bring Julie back…and she loved him and he loved her, he adored her -- treated her like a queen".

Michael Foote, the driver of the other truck, was heading home from a friend's house.

“The truck, I saw it coming across 460 and I thought it was gonna stop in the middle and it didn't stop,” he recalls.

Foote says there was nothing more he could do than what he did.

"I slammed on brakes, tried to stop from hitting them, it was just too late,” he says. He says his body is still sore, and mentally he's trying to come to terms with someone dying in the wreck.

Several drivers did stop and try to help, and were able to pull both Eric and Julie from their truck before it burned.

Friends of Julie say she was a devoted mother who loved her ten-year old son and most agree with Shannon.

"Why did she have to go so early, I mean she had so much life to live, she was so full of life, just very tragic,” she says.

Eric Durham remains at Southside Regional Medical Center, recovering from his injuries.




  • sw

    They might have loved each other but when you have children you never get into a vehicle with someone drinking. This child has now in a sense lost both of his parents because of something that should not have happened. My heart is with that child and her family at this time.

  • sean whitt

    I was first on scene these people have it all messed up I know for a fact the women was driving because I pulled her out of the drivers window and there’s no way they switched seats because they were both unconscious at the time I arrived.

    • Paula

      Sean you are a lier. The news & the police report said they couldn’t get to her at first and they could only get the husband out. That why she die.

      • Timmy McFadden

        Frankly, I believe Sean. It’s just easier to blame men. She was probably driving because he was drunk. Women lack accountability, so denying that she was driving is a just a normal part of the package. By the way Paula, you strike me as one of those women who claims perpetual victim status. I assume you are living off of alimony and child support while your ex-husband works two jobs to pay to the mortgage for you, the kids, and your greasy boyfriend.

      • Paula

        Timmy airhead let me enlighten you. The woman that you describe is your mother. I don’t have a boyfiend because I am marry.I have no need for child support because my husband is the father to both of our children. My husband has no need to work two jobs because as a lawyer in the state of Va and I am a social worker that is enough to send one child to Uva and another to Vcu. Don’t hate Timmy. I am not bragging but I would love to see your face now. So that reply that you sent to me it really about your mom & dad when you was a dumb child. Oop you still is. Have a nice day if you can.

  • Monique Chenard

    It’s quite a shame that you all are on here disrespecting each other behind someone’s loss of life, a husband who has to live with it and a son that will never see his mom again…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH U??

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