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Are you worried about Ebola? Here are 5 reasons not to panic

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ATLANTA — The Twitter-sphere is filled with people asking “how can we bring these patients to America,” complaining that “We don’t have enough problems in America! Let’s import Ebola patients!” and speculating that treating them here is “highly irresponsible.”

But the actual possibility of catching Ebola is incredibly remote.

It’s a terrifying disease for sure. It typically kills 90 percent of the people who get it, and this most recent outbreak is the largest in history. But you don’t need to panic, experts say, and you definitely don’t have to worry about the two American Ebola patients who are being treated in Atlanta.

Here are five reasons why:

1. It’s fragile.

Ebola is an incredibly fragile virus. It does not fly through the air with the greatest of ease. It cannot be transmitted through a cough or sneeze. It doesn’t move easily from human to human like the common cold.

Ebola is aggressively infectious, so people who are infected are highly likely to get sick. But it’s not highly contagious.

“The Ebola virus spreads through direct contact with the blood, secretions or other body fluids of ill people and indirect contact — for example, with needles and other things that may be contaminated with these fluids,” said Stephan Monroe, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases.

That’s why health care providers who work in countries without proper protective gear can get it. That’s also why people preparing bodies for burial have gotten it.

2. We know how it works.

Although there is no vaccine and no cure, the one real advantage we have with Ebola is that doctors know how to control it.

Ebola isn’t “some mystical pathogen (with) some bizarre mode of transmission,” said Bruce Ribner, who oversees the special isolation unit that is treating the patients at Emory University Hospital.

Common-sense hygiene can stop its spread.

“Ebola is a virus that can be stopped and not spread in hospitals. The stakes are higher, but it’s easily inactivated with typical hospital disinfectants,” said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden.

3. We have the resources to contain it.

The two American patients with Ebola were flown to the United States in a plane outfitted with an isolation pod.

They are being kept in isolation at the Emory hospital with a specialized containment ward, one of four in the country.

In the containment ward, the vents are specialized. There’s an intercom and plate glass that separates patients from visitors so they don’t come into direct contact. There’s a strict protocol on everyone and everything that goes into and out of the patient’s room. Health care workers wear protective suits.

But any major medical center could really take care of an Ebola patient, said William Schaffner, an expert on infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine.

Most ICUs have isolation rooms that are used for patients suspected to have tuberculosis, SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome or another infectious disease. Schaffner said that not much would be different for an Ebola patient, though more stringent precautions might be taken to ensure that health care workers are following all protocols.

4. Our medical staff is ready.

“We have been training for this,” Ribner said of preparations for the two American Ebola patients. These doctors know how to handle Ebola and will use an abundance of caution when working with an infected person.

Medical workers across the country have also been told to watch out for Ebola symptoms and question patients who have recently traveled to West Africa. They are trained to recognize Ebola cases and can quarantine them early, keeping others from coming into contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids while the disease runs its course.

5. Airports are on alert.

At African airports in the Ebola-affected region, passengers are being closely screened. Health experts are watching for people with high fevers. Those who have a temperature are removed and monitored while doctors test their blood for Ebola.

When passengers arrive at the airport, they are required to wash their hands in a chlorinated solution. Customs agents and passport inspectors are also wearing surgical gloves when interacting with passengers.

“There is always the possibility that someone with an infectious disease can enter the United States,” CDC spokeswoman Barbara Reynolds said Monday. “The public health concern is whether it would spread and, if so, how quickly.'”

At U.S. airports, trained federal agents also watch for sick passengers. Border patrol is asking about potential exposure. If someone is sick, agents can remove them and keep them in the special isolation units kept at many U.S. airports until the CDC arrives to ask further questions.

Overall, health experts say, the threat to Americans remains relatively small. In the past decade, five people have entered the U.S. known to have a viral hemorrhagic fever, including a case in March of a Minnesota man diagnosed with Lassa fever after traveling to West Africa. No one else contracted the disease.


  • Rose Buss

    Speaking as an RN (retired), I call BULLS**T on this article. It’s a bunch of condescending doublespeak, designed for the lows formation populace so common today. If it can be contracted from contaminated needles, how can they say that it can’t be contracted from contaminated surfaces? Why are people being forced to wash their hands in a bleach solution if it can’t be passed by casual contact with hands? Go back and read this nonsense….it’s insulting to think that we could be expected to swallow this tripe! Didn’t the medical personnel in Africa use protective gear? We were told they did…..yet they still contracted Ebola. Bottom line……it is the height of foolishness, stupidity and arrogance to knowingly bring two people, actively infected with Ebola, into the country. Could someone else come in unknowingly? Sure….but why would anyone with ANY sense do it knowingly? Scary question, with scary implications.

  • Robbie

    It’s already here Rose! Terrorists have always targeted New York and I think the case they say is probably not actually is. The serum that’s working is being mass produced now. The people in Africa are expendable and the doses will be used to treat us. I hope I’m wrong! I feel it was just a matter of time and the time has come. If I am correct look for a massive military strike on a country soon.

  • Morning Dew

    I think they aren’t telling us the truth either. If it is not highly contagious, why do the people treating Ebola wear self contained suits and have to go through decontamination when they are done?

  • tom

    they lie to keep us calm. this is not the first and wont be the last time the government lies and belittle things to keep life going on as usual without an uproar. There are so many secrets they have that would have us in an uproar if we knew. i have no idea what the secrets are but i know they have plenty of them.

    • Robbie

      Tom, you and morning dew are both correct. We will never know just how much has been prevented or how close we have come to disaster since 9-11. Frankly, I really don’t want to know.

  • Gwen

    There have been outbreaks of Ebola in the US(here in Virginia as a matter of fact) in the past and they were contained. Of all diseases to worry about Ebola is not one in our modern society. We should be more concern about Phenmonic Plague, and Influenza.

    • Morning Dew

      The strain found in Virginia, Reston Virus, did not transmit to humans. The two infected monkeys were infected with Ebola to see if they could make a vaccine. One monkey died. It’s not like this was an outbreak of Ebola.

  • BULL

    1) it’s PC, 2) It’s Humanitarian, 3) It’s benevolent, 4) It’s from The Most Intelligent, 5) It’s intended Agenda, All is “Well’ as long as Government/MediaPravda say it is Perfectly Correct.
    Forty African Leaders invited into the US during the African Ebola Epidemic for a Summit.
    There’s an outbreak of Chickenpox in the NM Federal Facility currently housing Obama’s
    Adoption of the World’s human-trafficked “Children”; with parents and extended family hiding
    and awaiting their Free Pass.

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