Man found shot on I-64

Family of 5 found dead in Culpeper home; couple had domestic issues

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CULPEPER COUNTY, Va. -- A family of five was found shot to death inside a Culpeper County home Sunday evening, according to Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins.  The bodies of a man, a woman and three children were taken to the Office of the Medical Examiner to determine exact cause and manner of death.

"There's been a domestic situation between the husband and wife," Sheriff Jenkins said. "Our investigation, up to this point, would lead us to believe the crime was committed by one of the adults. Right now that focus is on Mr. Washington himself."

The children were ages four, six and 13 years old, Sheriff Jenkins said. Their names have not been released.

"Sheriff units remain on scene at this time, and are being assisted by the Virginia State Police collecting evidence," a Sheriff's Office spokesman said.

Deputies went to the Rixeyville Road home when family members of the female victim grew concerned when she did not show up for church on Sunday.

This is a developing story.


  • Randy

    If a Person’s the screwed up in the Head and want to off themselves ? “COOL” … But leave others (Family members) alone.. I mean “REALLY” Killing your Children? How much of a Coward doe’s a Person have to be to Kill Children…

    • Angela

      No where Kenny! Thank You. It wouldn’t matter to me if they were green with pink polka dots, it’s so sad that the entire family lost there lives……especially the innocent children. So sad.

    • michael

      Whenever there is a loss of lives, there is great sadness no matter the race, much prayer is needed.



  • Bridget

    I was tempted to post earlier about Kitty’s comment but decided against it. Why are there soooo many people out there that turn everything into a racial matter? Deciding to kill your kids, wife, and then yourself has absolutely nothing to do with your race. It’s people like Kitty that will continue to hold society back. If we can’t stop thinking in black and white, it will always be black and white. We don’t know what was going on with that family, therefore, the only we can do is to support them and their family during this time.

  • Philip powell

    75%? Have you ever been to prison? There’s way more than 25% of white men incarcerated in America.

  • Paula

    I am sooo sick of kitty, timmy & clayton. They are so stupid. Yes I said stupid. When someone take death and make light of it something is wrong with their mind. Timmy has a mental problem. Kitty upset that the black man she wanted didn’t wanted her and clayton he is upset that his mom pick a blackman over his dad. It time for everyone to realize that we all have hearts. STOP seeing the dark side and enjoy all races.

      • wiseman

        Thanks Erica. Now watch how they going to come at me. It will prove that everything I sakd about them is true

      • Paula

        Erica I don’t know why wiseman is that ki you but I thank you for seeing my point. Get ready for more of their underdog tricks.

  • Paula

    Tom little boy. Where have you been. The word negro is no longer use. Using that word will get your ### kick.

  • A Perkins

    Do you dummies understand that people around the country are going to read the garbage you write in the comment section? Your comments add no value so I assume you’re just actively trying to disgrace Culpeper.

    • Paula

      A perkins believe me, there are lots of dummies here. They have no heart. Wait until it happen to someone close to them but on the other hand maybe they don’t have any family. That why they don’t know anything about love.

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