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Couple refuses baby with Down Syndrome; leaves child with surrogate

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BANGKOK – A surrogate mother who gave birth to twins, was left with one of the babies after the child’s biological parents learned he was born with Down Syndrome.

The Australian parents claimed they were not informed of his condition until late in the pregnancy.

Pattaramon Janbua, from Thailand, said her doctors, the surrogacy agency and the baby’s parents knew the child had Down Syndrome four months into the pregnancy, but did not inform her until the seventh month when the agency asked her — at the parents’ request — to undergo an abortion, according to

Garmy, the baby boy, needs surgery for a congenital heart condition.

An online campaign in Australia has raised nearly $186,200 in donations for the operation.

“I want to warn those who are considering becoming a surrogate mother, don’t only think about the money,” Pattaramon said. “If the child is born with an unusual condition or if anything goes wrong, it will become a burden for you and society.”

Garmy is being treated for a lung infection in a hospital east of Bangkok and his condition is stable, a spokesman as the hospital said on Sunday.

There are no laws governing surrogacy in Thailand, said Vichien Chavalit, permanent secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Gammy was not the first case in which a child has been left with a surrogate mother, Vichien said, adding: “This will lead to further social problems.”

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Saturday that authorities there would look to see if there was anything they could do about the case.

“It is an incredibly sad story,” he told Australian reporters.


  • paula

    They shouldn’t have been allow to take the other one. They are a evil set of parent. That why God didn’t allow her to have kids. What answer will they give the child that kept about her brother when she find out. I wonder what would the srumbag mother would have done with the child if she had gave birth to it? Left it in the hospital? The law need to change in that country. ALL children need love. God bless the surrogate mother..

  • lynette Robinson

    What a set of goobers. Down Syndrome kids are the best. Sweet, loving and kind forever. I think with the situation he has now, he will get really good care and love.

  • carrie

    No child is a burden no matter their health or mental issues. All children are a blessing and a gift. Cherish them.

  • Linda

    I have a cousin who has down syndrome. He is not only my cousin, he is my buddy and love him so much. He is now 45 and just one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Being with or around him always makes my day a much better place to be. The man and woman (don’t deserve to be called mom and dad) are pathetic. Karma will jump right at one day and when it does, they will know why. God Bless the little one that took with them. Most disgusting news I have read lately.

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