PHOTOS: Latest evidence in McDonnell trial

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RICHMOND, Va. — Additional evidence has been released in the federal corruption trial of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and former First Lady Maureen McDonnell.

Evidence made public Friday, which includes all exhibits presented as evidence from Thursday’s proceedings, includes photos of the Rolex watch given to the governor by Jonnie Williams. There are also photos from an event in Glen Allen.

At issue is whether Governor McDonnell gave Williams and his company special favors as a result of the gift.

In addition to filing video reports during breaks in the trial, CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George is providing live updates from the court.

Depend on CBS 6 News and for the most in-depth coverage of this important story. 



  • DoInjustice

    Corrupt FEDS, paid through Taxes, to present their “Star” witnesses, condoning ALL their illegal, corrupt, payola,
    fraudulent profession business tactic, combined with Fed’s own. IT is NOT Corruption when Democrats DO IT,
    and promote it with, in, by, through their Media Forces. The Media, and their Paid Political Analysts. that IS NOT objective, but seeks to Feed their Flock with sensationalized fodder: Hot Topics, Hot Cars, Ignoring The LYING
    “Star” of Corruption, Payola, Stock Scams, etc. Hollywood screenplay, produced and directed, as yet another
    staged Production Number by the Coalition of Government/MediaPravda, Inc. The Flock feeds of their free manna from their Omnipotent Force.
    When you are able to BUY, witnesses, analysts, and monopolized Media, you ARE in Command & Control
    and have Carte Blanch to get them to say, do, be, or project whatever you want from them.
    Lawless Obama, Holder, McAuliffe, and Jones are Perfectly PC, covered and protected.

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