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What killed the cows on a Chesterfield farm?

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Edward Baugh is still upset about what he said he discovered on his farm in Chesterfield County recently.

"We just found them in the pond and the ears were chewed," said Baugh.

Baugh said he and his family believe dogs attacked five cows on their farm, killing three of them last week.

"It's hard when you lose cows like that," he told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick.

He said he has seen dogs on his land before.

"We caught the pit bulls in the lot and they got away," he said.

Chesterfield Police said they are investigating Baugh's report.

They said they have not determined the cows' cause of death, but added it is possible the animals died as a result of a disease.

"That's just something upsetting to see," Dorothy Good, who lives on the farm, said. "To just see them laying out there like that."


  • Marc Brown

    Pit bull type dogs killed 30 people last year (including 16 little children) and 42,000 harmless animals. They mauled 598 people and about 60,000 harmless animals.This year, pit bull type dogs have killed 23 people so far, 14 of them children. They’ve killed 25,000 harmless animals. They’ve mauled 460 people and about 50,000 harmless animals. And the year isn’t over yet by a long shot.
    I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but farmers need to start shooting any pit bull type dog on sight that they see on their land. If they don’t take the opportunity when it arises, the pit bulls will return later to kill. Law in most states allows farmers to defend livestock this way, and it is the only thing that makes pit bull owners worry enough to keep their killer dogs contained.

    • athynz

      Make a mention of pit bulls and the ignorant pit pull haters come out. When are you people going to realize and accept the fact that training dictates how the dog will behave more so than genetics?

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