UPDATE: 2-year-old death’s ruled homicide; boy died of blunt force trauma

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Police arrested a Richmond mother's boyfriend in connection with the death of her two-year-old child.

O’ustin Spratley died at the hospital after EMS was called to his Oakhurst Lane home Wednesday afternoon.

Richmond police said Friday that the boy died of blunt force trauma to abdomen and the manner of death is homicide.

Shortly after Spratley's death, police arrested 43-year-old Kevin L. Webb.

Webb, who lived in the same home as Spratley, was charged with felony child abuse and malicious wounding.

The suspect used to cut hair at a Chesterfield barber shop.

Thursday night he was behind bars, accused of malicious wounding and child abuse leading to the death of his girlfriend’s son.

Back at the apartment they all shared at 1406 Oakhurst Drive, off Forest Hill Avenue, neighbor Lillie Stevens said it was the most activity she had seen in quite some time.

"Fire trucks, ambulances and police." Stevens said. "I'm shocked. I've lived here five years and this is the first I've heard of a child being hurt.”

It happened Wednesday afternoon. Police sources tell CBS 6 News the 43-year-old Webb called 911 to report a medical emergency involving two-year-old O'ustin Spratley.

The child died at the hospital a short time later and police believe there were signs of child abuse.

"It’s very out of character," said Wendell Hargrove, who owns Del's Barber Shop in Chesterfield County. He says he never saw this coming. He hired Webb as a barber a few months ago, but recently let him go.

"He seemed mild-mannered,” said Hargrove. “He didn't seem like he'd do anything violent."

Neighbors say they didn't know much about the family but believe Webb and his girlfriend moved in a couple of months ago. They said they were saddened by the tragic loss of such a young boy.

"I’m just confused to as why this would happen,” said Hargrove. “That boy can't defend himself. He surely couldn't stop a whooping. It's the coward way out, man."

Police say the investigation continues and that more charges could be pending.

CBS 6 News tried to speak with little O'ustin’s mother Thursday. She asked that we respect her family’s privacy.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • Paula

    When are these women going to stop leaving their children with men tat are not the children fathers or men that they don’t really know?

  • manalishi

    Questions. Where was “mama” while the child was being abused? Where was “baby daddy” while child was being abused? Was this “home” rented with section 8 voucher?

  • paula

    Manalish why are u asking if it was a section 8 house? Because they black. I know you didn’t said that. The kind of work that I do I see 70% white living in section 8 housing. Only uneducationed people say “baby daddy”. It is child father. It is not mama, it is mother. Stop being a dumb redneck.

    • manalishi

      “Manalish why are u asking if it was a section 8 house?” No problem Paula, If I paid for the mama, (unless your not paying attn “mother” doesn’t apply to her) to board this animal with my tax $, then she needs to be incarcerated as an an accessory. ” The kind of work that I do I see 70% white living in section 8 housing” So your a west end social worker? “Only uneducationed people say “baby daddy”. You just described the entire city of Richmond as “uneducationed”. Why are you supporting the death of an innocent child?

      • wiseman

        Manalish you are a jack###. I am not supporting the death of the child. I am trying to make u see how dumb your comments are.

      • manalishi

        Charming,, Paula is not so Wiseman. Cheap. Evidence would indicate that that you (Paula) introduced race into this. Stereotypical democrat racists.

  • CT

    A child has died, doesn’t make any difference if it was section 8 or Riverside Drive. Doesn’t make any difference what color he was or if his Dad was home. Some people who post comments need to not say anything if it is going to be racist or ignorant!

    • wiseman

      I agree with you CT. Remember there is always somebody that haven’t be love or has no one to love. Those are the ones that make these sick comments.

    • angel2

      CT, I couldn’t agree with you more. Instead of commenting on the tragedy of a death/beating, or about how glad they are killers and other criminals were caught, some posters use this forum to make hateful, childish comments. Well, judging from the spelling and grammar, perhaps some posters are children.

    • manalishi

      CT? Are you saying that if the child’s father was home, the boyfriend still would have abused him to death? And again, The racist baiters injected color into it.

  • Carla Hunt

    Paula and Wiseman need to get off their politically correct high horses. These kinds of people only breed for the money and will sleep with whatever comes along with the appropriate equipment. Ignoring that truth makes your comments sick and ignorant.

  • Patricia

    Carla Hunt you are crazy as he**. Do you know this woman???? What kind of people are you speaking of??? I think women need to becareful who they leave their kids around. Apparently she didn’t know him as well as she thought. How do you know she had this child for the money?? Don’t judge this woman if you don’t know her & I don’t know her & I’m not judging her either. Crazy a$$ people on this news site, smh

  • KrystleandShane Lehman

    I can’t imagine why anyone would be having children for money, raising little ones is the hardest job there is. This is really sad an innocent child is gone and that’s all I see. There are bad people in this world, and that’s just the bottom line. Unfortunately one of them crossed this little angels path.

  • Tom

    Commenters, please ignore manalishi/carla/donned. All of these names are the same individual posting under different names (aka roger) and trying to make you believe there are many other sickos besides manalishi. A good comment board would delete his trashy comments.

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