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Arrest made after child found alone near Henrico grocery store

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Henrico police have made an arrest after an employee spotted a 4-year-old alone near a grocery store on Nine Mile Road.

"The child needs to be supervised in an area like this," said Nikita Brown who is a mother of two.

Employees told CBS 6 off camera that it happened at the Food Lion back in June. They said the child was spotted on the side of the store wandering around by himself before someone saw him outside and brought him inside the store.

"How could you leave a four-year-old unattended for that period of time where they wandered this far?" said one parent.

On Wednesday, police arrested 30-year-old Alexus Harris and charged her with child neglect. Police said she was supposed to be watching the child at the time and is a family member of the child.

CBS 6 spoke with Damien Temple on Thursday. He said he's a friend of Harris and the uncle of the four-year-old. He said his friend is a good person and the incident was a misunderstanding.

"The kids were in the house sleeping. She ran to the house to get some noodles for them to eat and when she came back he had walked to the store," said Temple.

Still, parents said this should serve as a lesson to always keep an eye on any child.

"You never know in a blink of an eye everything could go wrong, even if you turn your back for one second."


  • ya mamma

    If u all believe everything you hear on the news then that will be typical too….first of all she’s not even 30 years of age …that’s false information. .and truth is the mother left the child home alone …she was being a friend and told the cops she was watching him…..

  • Sammy

    Food Lion on Nine Mile??? That’s an upscale neighborhood?? Probably from the condos behind the shopping center??!?!

  • ?

    New “justice” seems to be directly influenced by the amount of pandering elicited through
    Media production numbers. Can’t tell from one moment to the next whether child protection
    and safety is the “Interest of the Day” or whether protection and safety of the Adults is the

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