Marty Cobb’s sister questions mental evaluation ordered for suspect

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RICHMOND, Va. - A Richmond judge ordered a mental evaluation for the teen accused in the May 1 beating death of eight-year-old Marty Cobb.

Defense attorney John Lafratta told the judge he would not be doing his job if he did not ask for a mental health evaluation for his client, 16-year-old Mairese Washington. Washington has been charged as an adult.

Washington is accused of beating Cobb to death near Cobb's home along Brandon Rd. in South Richmond.

Marty was killed trying to defend his 12-year old sister from Washington, Cobb's family said. Cobb was hit in the head with a brick.

At the John Marshal Courthouse Thursday we learned Washington was at a mental facility on the day of the attack.

He is now being held at the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice's Reception and Diagnostic Center in Bon Air. Washington will be taken from there for a mental evaluation at the Richmond jail.

Results of that evaluation will be released during his next pre-trial hearing on September 9.

Washington's mother and father were in court for Thursday's hearing, but did not comment about the court-ordered mental evaluation.

Lafratta said he believed the results of the evaluation will be a “significant factor in this case.”


  • wiseman

    The defend always use the insanity plea. He don’t have a mental problem. The only problem he had was parents that didn’t gave him a butt whipping.

  • Monica

    U kno the insanity thing cme up when he hit the lil boy a few years ago in the head with an hammer. So why is here a need for another? Is clear as day that this young boy needs to be punish for his actions. He doest deserve another chnace out here in the world who’s to say wht he may do nxt. I hope justice is serve fairly

  • athynz

    He attempted to harm a young girl and murdered the young man who defended her. One does not give a mad dog a mental evaluation after it’s killed a loved one, one puts it down humanely to end it’s suffering and to protect one’s loved ones from further harm.

  • Gail

    It’s a sad day knowing this piece of trash is going to get off off of raping one child & then killing another! ANYONE who does that-no matter what their age-had issues!! Let’s not forget that he already had a mental health “evaluation” when he previously bashed in the skull of another small child!! How many times is our farce of a legal system going to let theses worthless people get by with killing, raping & maiming people & still use the “mentally ill” excuse!!!

  • G W

    If he’s found insane, does he go to the loony bin with the rest of the adults? Or does he get to walk the streets again? If he does get out, I bet some vigilante does something to him.

  • joyce jones

    Something is wrong here . First of all after the first incident when the Lil boy was hit with the hammer,mental evaluation should have been closely followed. Why didn’t the school intercept long before either incident happen?I’m sure his behavior was off the chain.Schools have counselors,social workers,even the teachers,the principal ,someone should have acted on this child behalf.My heart hurts for Lil Marty family. This shouldn’t have happened. I believe this child fell through the cracks.Where were the attention from the authority,homelife,school,even the community. I’m sure his behavior problems didn’t just pop up!If something was done 3,4,5 yrs.ago Lil Marty would still be here with us!To Marty parents I’m so sorry .Trust in God and he will help you pull through. My prayers go out to Marty parents everyday. God bless you and remain steadfast in the Lord. Love you

    • Paula

      Joyce that how the law works. Always late. Women tell the courts they are abuse. Nothing is done until she dead and then they want to arrest the man. This boy been a troublemaker for years. Hit a child with a hammer. Now that he has kill a precious child the courts and his lawyer is talking about treatment. Well it is too late.

    • Mary Jo Wallace

      just remember, Lil Johnnys parents are the ones who ultimately have the ability to change this juvenile life, unfortunately I would bet good money that they just turn their heads and make it go away, by the if I can’t see it , it does not exist. Personally I would like to see Society go back to the days of putting his butt in a mental hospital like Reagan shooter had to

  • angel2

    Don’t know how Washington can afford John LaFratta. I hope the insanity plea doesn’t go through and Washington (being tried as an adult) will be sentenced to death.

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