Mom: Teacher took away desk, made girl sit on floor for weeks as punishment

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HOUSTON, Tex. — The mother of a first grade student is upset after she claims her daughter’s desk was removed as a form of punishment, according to KHOU.

The mother said the girl drew a picture on her desk and got in trouble. The mom received an email from the teacher about the incident.

“She lost her recess, she went to the principal’s office and then she had to wash the desk and that was it,” the mother told KHOU. “I was never told that her desk was removed.”

The next day, the desk was gone. The girl was reportedly told she would not get her desk back until second grade. She sat on the floor for more than four weeks before she told her parents.

School officials investigated and reprimanded the teacher for her classroom management. The school system also released a statement:

“The family has been offered multiple opportunities to transfer their child, either to another teacher within the school or to any elementary school in the district where enrollment is not capped.”


  • Paula

    The next year let her do her job without a desk. Before the new year start let the mother get her hands on her.

  • jessica

    Good for the teacher. Bet no one else in the class thought about drawing on the desk or anything else that may lead to a punishment. So many kids are misbehaving because there is no punishment for their behavior. Go back to corporal punishment and I bet the school systems will get better. My child can’t sit right at the table…. Lost their meal. Only go hungry a few times and lesson learned. Repeat yourself 500 times….with no success. Not this mother.

    • Paula

      Jessica you must don’t have any children if you think that what that teacher was ok. Suppose it was dne to you when you was in school. Would you have thought it was the right thing? If you don’t have kids, don’t have any.

      • Tigger

        Are you kidding me? We were made to stand!!! And i am a mother and if my daughter thinks its ok to draw all over someone else property then yes she needs to understand that what she did was wrong and being embarrassed and made to sit on a floor which kids do all the time then so be it… what if this little girl decided to graffiti your house next time instead of a desk? you would be a fan of punishment then huh?

      • paula

        Tigger let me make this clear enough that someone like you can understand. I am a mother also. I don’t let my kids get away with nothing. Yes it was wrong what the girl did. If she had been my child yes she would had to be punish. No teacher had the right to do what that teacher did. She don’t own no desk in that school to take away from a child. If she thought it was ok then why didn’t she tell the mother that she took the desk away?

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        I can tell Paula’s kids will grow up spoiled and think the world owes them something. I commend this teacher AND I have kids. I’m just a GOOD father who believes in discipline at a young age. People like you created this “Millennial” generation of kids who are lazy and think the world revolves around them. Shame on you!

      • paula

        Mo if you had taken the time with your fourth grade education and read all my reply you would know that I don’t accept no foolish behavior from my kids. Reading your reply it makes you sound like you are the type of man that would take out his whole family and blow your head off.

  • Tigger

    Oh I understand! 1. Someone who cannot use proper grammar does not need to make anything clear enough for someone like me to understand! For example in your first post you said “Jessica you must don’t have children…” it probably should have read. “Jessica you must not have children…”. In your next post you said “She don’t own no desk….” Probably should have said something along the lines of “She doesn’t own any of the desk in that school”
    2. Now that we are clear who understands who….. Making this child sit on the floor ( “criss cross applesauce” or “Indian Style” depending on how old you are… as most kids understand those terms because almost all teachers have used it at some point starting with daycare) did not kill her! We were made to stand when we did things like that, there was no surprise to walk past a class room and see 3 to 4 students standing up, and when you saw that you knew “Welp they were either leaning back in their chair or drawing on the desk” At least she got to sit down lol. This punishment was no different than standing in a corner, or standing on “the wall” at recess, or sitting at the silent lunch table in the cafeteria. They are all forms of embarrassing a child so that for one they wont want to do it again, second others will deter from participating in the same actions, and third it makes you appreciate the privileges that you do have!

    • paula

      It don’t matter how it was written just as long as you got the message. Go ahead and do more corrections. Get this point. You are a person who would say anything bcause you can’t take the fact that you was wrong and made a jack### of yourself. You cant take truth when someone tell you about yourself. Tenderhead Tigger

      • Tigger

        Actually the fact that I am STILL able to correct your awful grammar proves that someone who went to a school where teachers made students stand up, sit in corners, stand on the wall, and sit at a silent lunch table all for embarrassment still got a great education. If you are wondering I also attended one of the best school systems in Virginia. You stated that I am someone who would say anything because I can’t take the fact that I was wrong and that I also made a Jack### of myself and that I cant take the truth when someone tells me about myself. You did not tell me one thing about myself :) Instead you throw insults as if your internet bullying will hurt my feelings. We were also taught how to deal with bullying in school too. We just ignore it and laugh. Also, I worked for a rather large daycare chain in the central Virginia area for 3 years and just a little rude awakening the children sat on the floor for the majority of the day! They only used tables for lunch and art projects some of which we did outside sitting on the side walk so make sure not to send your kids to daycare, they are the devil !

  • Christine

    This is an unforgivable situation as a teacher. This inhuman person should not be allowed to be around children alone nor should she be paid by the system to be a teacher!! You are a threat to society, to our loving children!! God help you definitely you need heavy reconstruction!!! A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PERSON!! I will pray for you. Evil person!!

  • J.A

    Actually, I can see that the punishment was already dole out, the teacher took it a pond herself to add to the punishment which made it wrong. 4 weeks on the floor and (she finally told her parents by the 4th week) possibly longer on the floor is excessive. Why didn’t the principle make the effort to check in on the child that was sent to her/his office in the first place to make sure the child adjusted the behavior. This shows me that particular teacher has not taken her required child philology courses.

    • wiseman

      No stupid steve. This is what happen when poor white trailorpark trash sit in a desk instead of sitting on her air mattress. Go to the highest bridge and take a leap. It is your kind that the world don’t need to take up the space.or air on this earth.

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