Bicyclist injured outside VCU Siegel Center

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A bicyclist was injured near the VCU Siegel Center in downtown Richmond.

Emergency crews were called to the intersection of West Broad and Harrison Streets at about 3:41 p.m. Thursday.

"A woman was riding a bicycle eastbound on Broad Street near the intersection with North Harrison Street. The woman turned left at the intersection into oncoming traffic and was struck by an SUV traveling westbound," a VCU Police spokesperson said via email. "The incident is under investigation by VCU Police; possible charges are pending against the cyclist."

The cyclist's condition has not yet been released.


  • Tar Zan

    I hope the cyclist is okay. I’m assuming she went through a red light thinking she could beat traffic and didn’t. As stupid as VA state law is for bicycles, it is in our best interests as cyclists to abide by all posted signs and signals, and assume the responsibilities of a motor vehicle operator. This gives us more respect on the road and more right to demand infrastructure. On that note, the city should be doing more to promote bicycle safety and awareness.

  • J

    @ Tar Zan, VA state law follows the Uniform Vehicle Code and gives cyclists a lot more rights than most realize or understand, so why not expound on what you find to be so “stupid”. As for this crash; if the bicyclist turned when she didn’t have a gap in traffic then what law d you propose to help with that? Something that suspends the laws of physics and instantly stops the SUV that one has just turned in front of? And before you talk about better bike infrastructure, no bike infrastructure can mitigate for turning in front of a vehicle when one doesn’t have the right of way.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I see this around that area every day. Cyclists acting like they have the right of way regardless of the circumstances. It’s the same on the sidewalks. I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. The same goes for mopeds and skateboarders around the VCU area. They act like everyone should yield for them because there isn’t a designated lane for them. The neighborhood where I live is filled with bicyclists and joggers almost every day. No designated lanes and everyone knows that the traffic has the right of way. Zero problems occur.

      The problem isn’t the laws, or even the traffic. The problem is she turned into on coming traffic on a red light. No law would have helped this stupid decision. Wait for the green light, like everyone else. I hope the police takes action, because it’s getting out of hand in that area.

  • J

    @ Mo, get a clue.

    First, bicyclists are “traffic”, so your claim that “traffic has the right of way” makes no sense. Secondly, she turned across oncoming traffic which means that she had a green light, not a red light. But when turning you must yield to oncoming traffic, just as an automobile driver must do. And by the way, have you ever noticed how many motorists don’t follow the law?

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