Woman: My boyfriend joked about barbecuing dog, but then I found pup marinating in freezer

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TORRANCE COUNTY, New Mexico -- Onyx was nine months old, black and white, part dachshund and part chihuahua. She was a family dog, one that Mandy Malone kept in part to play with her grandchildren.

Until Onyx ended up in Malone's freezer.

How did she get there? According to a criminal complaint filed in a Torrance County, New Mexico, court, the dog was stabbed in the heart and skinned. Parts of the animal were then buried in the backyard, while others were stashed inside a bag in a freezer.

"He had her marinating in Italian dressing in the fridge," Malone told CNN affiliate KOAT. "...What could possibly go through someone's mind to do something that sick?"


Authorities characterized the man they say killed the dog as Malone's boyfriend.

Salvador Martinez was released Wednesday on bond tied to the felony charge of extreme cruelty to animals, Torrance County Sheriff Heath White said. The sheriff predicted he wouldn't be free for long.

"He was already on probation for trafficking drugs and ... violated his probation, so he's likely going to be picked back up ... and sent back to a federal facility," White said Wednesday.

Martinez's latest legal trouble began Friday, July 18, when sheriff's deputies responded to a call at an Edgewood, New Mexico, residence. They found a gray plastic bag "containing some bones and meat (that) appeared to be a carcass of an animal," the complaint said.

girlfriendAuthorities said Martinez admitted he had killed the dog, saying there was no food around and his girlfriend "told him to go ahead" and do it.

After killing the animal, skinning it and burying parts of it in the yard, "he said that he ... found (a) recipe for dogs online" and found states where eating dogs is allowed, the complaint says.

New Mexico is one such place; in fact, there are no laws against eating cats or dogs in most states. In some cultures, it's more widely accepted.

"But it's the manner that it was done, and the emotional stress it put on the rest of the family, that led us to arrest him and charge him with animal cruelty," White said.


Martinez could not be reached for comment and it was unclear late Wednesday if he had an attorney.

The girlfriend told the deputies that Martinez admitted killing the dog around noon of that day, explaining "it was all right to do this in New Mexico to feed your family." She disputed the assertion that they didn't have food in the house.

Malone told KOAT that Martinez had previously told her, "just out of the blue, 'I'm going to barbeque one of your dogs.'"

But she didn't believe it -- then or now.

"Nobody knows what to think," Malone said.


    • ReplyingtoTimmy

      So if this were to happen to you, we would just tell your family to get over it? You must not have any emotions, or, you’re just plain fucking ignorant.

      • wiseman

        Lighten up Erica. People put too much attention on animals. They will feed them more than a child. Put your angry on child abuse and stop worrying about dumb funky dogs.

      • Timmy McFadden

        That’s right Wiseman. Most of overweight dog lovers would step over a starving kid to save a stupid dog. I’ve noticed most of these dog rescue types are unbalanced emotionally.

      • Timmy McFadden

        It’s a dog, stupid. Dogs and cats are basically cockroaches with fur. She go to the pound and get another one.

      • Lesley

        Timmy McFadden, BASICALLY you are WRONG. Maybe you should pay more attention to things around you and learn more about life in general. You comment is one of sheer ignorance. If you are commenting just to get a rise out of people, then you have nothing going on in your life. Go get one, a life that is.

      • Morning Dew

        I think one of the traits of a serial killer is cruelty to animals. Certainly, it is not a trait that is acceptable in our society. Defend your position all you want, but you come across as emotionally dead. No wonder you are so angry.

    • Christina

      And Timmy, YOUR a cockroach with a human body. Well from what we know you may not even be human you talk ab things as an animal would

  • BMW

    YOU ALL ARE PATHETIC!! This is unacceptable regardless of what type of “pet” it was.. you all will slowly rot in hell.

  • Steph

    most of you should never reproduce. Having no compassion for another living being is a sign of a psychopath! You yourself are a animal. Think about things before you make yourself look uneducated and heartless for all the world to see. The police should be looking up your IP addresses and placing you as suspects for unsolved murders and disappearances.

    • Robbie

      Killing and eating puppies is the last challenge needed to become eligible to be a delegate at the next Republican National Convention. You have passed sir and you should be getting a letter congratulating you from Faux News signed by Sarah Palin.

  • Bill

    I hope all you folks calling this ‘sick’ are vegetarian or vegan. If not, y’all got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    No, seriously. The only difference between eating a dog and eating a pig is that for some reason we’ve decided the latter is socially acceptable but the former isn’t.

    • Morning Dew

      True Bill, but this was a family pet. I don’t see those pot-belly pigs going to the slaughter house.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Well he claims she said it was ok. Not his fault she didn’t take him seriously. I mean the guy wasn’t a stand up guy to begin with, so why not take such a thing seriously?

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    My biggest issue here is that he didn’t chop the dog’s head off. If she did in fact say it was ok for him to do it that’s her own stupidity. It’s no more wrong to slaughter and eat a dog than a cow, a goat, a pig, a fish, a lamb, etc, etc.

    • Sam

      Why not include human in your list of animals? Is it a religious or cultural thing? Pets are a cultural thing. Some people have no culture.

  • Anne

    I cannot believe the number of people here who do not see this is horrible……………….Are you all from New Mexico? I did not realize that New Mexico was that backward.

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