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Gunfire erupts in two Henrico neighborhoods

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Police are investigating two early shootings that broke out early Wednesday morning in two different Henrico neighborhoods.

Police responded to the 3800 block of Alma Avenue, near the intersection of North and West Laburnum Avenue, at about 12:40 a.m. Wednesday. There they found a shooting victim.

Neighbors said the normally quiet community of Central Gardens was shattered by the violence.

"It's a little discerning when you hear about crime that's taking place right in your back yard literally," said an unidentified neighbor.

Tuesday night, officers respond to a car crash in the Central Gardens neighborhood in Eastern Henrico.

Moments later, a man was shot in that same area and then rushed to the hospital.

Henrico shooting

The victim's family member told CBS 6 News that the 21-year-old lives on the block and was walking home from work when he witnessed the accident.

Then, shots were fired and the victim was hit.

"It sounds like it was a completely random act, which is more frightening than someone looking for trouble," the neighbor said.

An hour later, Henrico police rushed to another shooting scene near RIR. Officers believe the victim was shot on Westcliffe Avenue before managing to walk around the corner to Alma Avenue. That's where he was found right on the Richmond line.

Ronald Volley said he heard the gunshots and hit the floor.

"I figured that somebody had gotten shot. I didn't know where they went or where they came from, didn't know any of that. But it scared me," Volley said.

And Volley worries about his little grandson who spends a lot of time at his home.

"I would hate for bullets to come flying through the house and hit my Grandson. That would break my heart," Volley said.

But Volley said the shooting won't keep him outdoors.

"I'm not fearful to the point that I'm going to stay in the house," said Volley. "I'm not that afraid, but I hope it doesn't happen again."

Henrico police have no motives or suspects in these two shootings and do not believe they're connected. If you have information to help police call Crimestoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • RVA Excapee (NEA spelling)

    The cynical cops will call this No Human Involvement as it is more than likely a dispute between unregulated pharmaceutical sales people and their customers. However, it is simple spill over from the City forcing its criminal element out into the surrounding counties. This is the War On Drugs writ large. Another failed prohibition brought to us by politicians. Nothing for it at this point. Thug v. thug violence.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    channel 6 you need to be cool come correct on here. before you post your news its not considered Henricus East End. that’s considered Henrico stand Northside / West End. that’s the past the fairgrounds past Mechanicsville Turnpike so that’s not considered be stand anymore if its part in Richmond North Side want to be part of him right goes Northside and / West End closer to Highland Parkdon’t tell anybody else in the East End that is part of the East End. in fact if you ask anybody in like HPD they actually have a North Precinct or district.

    • reeltime

      John, right behind you. I have seen too many good places to live in an urban area and this is not one of them. The real taxpayers of this city are getting scammed and the dysfunctional adminstration keeps throwing money at the elephant with no results. Continue on I say, $$$$$$ in the pocket for some, with great promises to many. Please inform yourself, and all who vote, the destiny will come soon and the price will be high. I ask, at what point do we run out of money and we have realized that the results are @ a dead end?

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