GOP-led House authorizes lawsuit against Obama

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President Barack Obama

The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he exceeded his executive authority.

The vote was 225-201.

Republicans argue the President’s executive action to change Obamacare and make other policy decisions on his own were unconstitutional because it’s the job of Congress to make or change laws.

House authorization now allows GOP-leaders to have the unusual suit filed in federal court. The time frame for that is not clear.

Not a single House Democrat voted for it, and five Republicans opposed it. They were: GOP members Paul Broun of Maryland, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Steve Stockman of Texas, and Walter Jones of North Carolina.

The vote takes partisan rancor in Washington to a new level less than four months before congressional midterms. The focus on Obamacare also magnifies politics around the sweeping health law Republicans didn’t support and have tried to derail since it’s approval in 2010.

Dems claim impeachment coming

Democrats quickly seized to turn the debate on the lawsuit, saying prior to the vote that the real desire of the GOP is to ultimately impeach Obama.

Boehner, who has repeatedly said he disagrees with those pushing impeachment, attempted to shut down that discussion this week.

Insisting that Republicans have “no plans” and “no future plans” to impeach Obama, Boehner denounced the talk about impeachment as “a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”

But Democrats seized on polls showing a majority of Americans oppose any effort to remove the President from office, and aren’t letting go of the issue.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said the lawsuit was “on a path to nowhere or maybe, among some in your ranks a path to impeachment.”

Apparently not satisfied with Boehner’s assurance, Pelosi directed this at him: “If you don’t want to hear people use the word impeachment as your people have done then tell them impeachment is off the table.”

Obama tweaks GOP on impeachment

Obama, himself, tweaked Republicans on Wednesday. In Kansas City, Missouri, he noted the House was about to leave Washington for the month of August, but “the main vote that they have scheduled for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job.”

During debate, Democrats lined up on their side of the chamber and one after the other requested that GOP leaders allow votes on measures to raise the minimum wage, extend jobless benefits, and ensure pay equity.

They knew Republicans wouldn’t hold off on the lawsuit to take any of those issues up, but the the theater was designed to underscore their argument that the majority party was focused on the lawsuit rather than legislating.

The campaign arm for House Democrats arm has raised $7.6 million from appeals to supporters citing the suit and tied it to the threat of impeachment.

Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, defended the aggressive public push and pledged Democrats would continue it through the midterm election in November.

“You bet we’re going to run on a Congress that is just obsessed with lawsuits, suing the President, talking about impeaching him, instead of solutions for the middle class,” Israel told CNN.

A CNN/ORC International poll released last week showed those Americans surveyed, by a 57%-41% margin, opposed the lawsuit. Nearly two-thirds said Obama should not be impeached.


  • Robbie

    Well of course they do! Republicans haven’t helped the president, given him credit for anything or done a thing to help make things better in this country. Now the conservative clowns want to waste tax money on a lawsuit. Ken Linguini did the same thing and see what it did for his political career. Of course he was also enjoying free vacations like Bozo Bob.

      • Robbie

        Yeah, it’s ok with me! Congress is as dysfunctional as Bozo Bob McDonnell’s marriage. The people overwhelmingly elected the guy to do something. It’s hard to do anything when the Republican party doesn’t want to do anything more than work against him because he’s black. Look at Cantor? People are tired of todays Republican party.

      • B Addy

        Robbie , could it be because he is totally unqualified to hold the position? You keep playing the worn out race card , but this guy has never run a lemonade stand and you idiots think he is presidential material? We have a woefully unqualified joke as a president. Congress is just playing to his level.

      • Sam

        Obama didn’t do anything illegal. Study up on ‘executive privilege’. Study the history, and don’t just google the definition and interpret it to fit your agenda.

      • athynz

        Obama didn’t do anything illegal. Study up on ‘executive privilege’. Study the history, and don’t just google the definition and interpret it to fit your agenda.

        JULY 31, 2014 AT 3:00 PM”

        Yes he did – with the release of the 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange for that traitor Bergdahl using so-called executive privilege rather than doing what he was supposed to do and go before Congress with the request to make that exchange. Even the liberal progressive congressmen were upset over that one. So you were saying?

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      You’re right Robbie, “tit for tat duuuude”. If they don’t do what I want, F**k em! Separation of powers only counts if they agree with me!!

    • athynz

      Everybody was sick and tired of Cantor – he was the poster child for ineffectual politicians. BTW Obama was not “overwhelmingly elected” – it was a close race between him and Romney and I honestly cannot say if Romney would have been any better. What really needs to happen – all political party BS aside – is ALL of the incumbents need to go. Once that is done impose term limits on all elected positions so there is no more “congress for life” jobs. Hold them to a max of 2 terms.

      • Troll

        “Close race” says the brain dead village idiot. 232 to 206 electoral votes or 5% more individual votes is a very significant margin of victory. Go away stupid fat boy.

      • athynz

        “Close race” says the brain dead village idiot. 232 to 206 electoral votes or 5% more individual votes is a very significant margin of victory. Go away stupid fat boy.

        JULY 31, 2014 AT 3:08 PM”

        You want me to go away f-ing make me you pasty faced stalker troll boy. But all you can do is sit behind your keyboard and post insults. You don’t have the cajones to actually do something.

      • athynz

        BTW David if you consider 5% to be a “significant majority” then you have issues. Obama did not have a “significant majority” in either the electoral or popular vote. But what can one expect form the true village idiot and troll David?

  • 2ndthemotion

    Dang. Was hoping for All Encompassing lawlessness, retroactive, to his own personal, emergency, Libya Bombing for “Rebels” the day after Congress recessed. His constant personal tweaking of
    an enacted law for personal/party/favorites gains, advantages, and to hide facts till after elections.

  • G W

    Let’s see how many haters we can get posting comments before thuis story sizzles. I’m hoping for 100 or more. If you do post, please help with an nformal poll: state your age and gender please.

  • E.D.C

    Republican’s are wasting taxpayers money and time instead of helping this country they seem to be finding more ways to bring it down. where are the politicans that side with the actual people?

  • concerned citizen

    Everyone is giving Obama a free pass and he is ruining the country! First of all look at Obamas horrible approval ratings they are pathetic!! This guy is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people… let me just name a few scandals that obviously this news channel and it’s readers are forgetting… IRS targeting on conservatives, the va scandal, Benghazi, fast & furious, nsa spying, illegal immigration, journalist wiretapping, illegal implementation of obamacare, EPA targeting, Bowe Bergdahl, etc etc please wake up people!!!!!

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