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Woman gets nails done, leaves child in 140-degree car

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EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — A woman from Hartford, Connecticut was arrested for leaving a child in the car on a hot day while she went to get her nails done.

Rosheenamarie Francis, 28, told police that she forgot the six-year-old was in the car Friday in front of the Lena’s Nails II in East Hartford.

Police said that the windows were rolled up and that the temperature inside reached 140 degrees. The child was inside for between one and two hours.

“All the windows was up. He was rocking back and forth in the backseat,” said eyewitness My Cao.”He was sweating, drooling, crying, couldn’t really breathe.”

The boy was transported to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. He was conscious and alert. Police said the child was unhurt.

A witness first called police.

“No emotions, she wasn’t upset,” said Cao, who is an employee at Lena’s Nails II.

Cao was on break when she spotted the child. Cao said she waited briefly and wanted to give the caretaker the benefit of the doubt. After a few minutes, she went back in the packed Lena’s Nails II to make an important announcement.

“I said to everyone, ‘Is that your kid in the car? Before I call police, because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble,'” Cao said. “And she was still bickering about her nails.”

Adrienne Belyeu was a customer in salon at the time and Cao asked her if it was her child.

“She kept asking people here and nobody responded,” Belyeu said.

Cao said she had a funny feeling about Francis.

“He was crying, had liquids all on his face,” Cao said.

Both police and fire departments responded to the scene, according to officers. The Department of Children and Families was also notified.

Francis was charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Eyewitness News tried to talk with Francis, but she hung up when called, and would not answer her door.

It is unclear when Francis will be in court on these charges.

Source: WFSB


  • Ron Melancon

    You can’t legislate stupidity. Now a stupid group is trying to mandate a device that will cost us money because of stupid people. This same group made a back up camera mandatory on all new cars that will cost you 400 dollars more. The point is this group is using these stupid people to support their Lexus and fancy lifestyle.
    Yet you can tow a homemade trailer and destroy anybody you want and nobody cares?

    Congressman Cantor voted to cost every new car 400 dollars more but he did not care about loose trailers that destroys others

    • Tamara

      I didn’t realize that was a mandate. Wow. There are so many other mandates regarding vehicles that could has been passed by it costs the rich politicians nothing so they could care less that the average family can’t afford these luxuries. What happened to paying attention to what you’re doing since you are behind the wheel of a one ton machine!

      • Ron Melancon

        Yes a group called kids and cars.org is asking for donations so they can lobby the idiots in Washington DC to legislate this stupid behavior. I don’t want to pay for stupid people who get their mails done and leave their children in a Hot car

  • Katie

    Normally I lean in the direction of parental rights and benefit of the doubt, but I don’t think she should be allowed to keep him. Willful neglect is willful neglect. I get tired of hearing that oh, the poor mother; we don’t know what she’s gone through…People prioritize the parent’s feelings above the safety and welfare of the child.

  • Amber V

    It’s extremely sad to me that a parent would risk the lives of their children by leaving them unattended in a vehicle, due to selfishness of getting your nails done. It is still absurd to leave a child in a car even if the weather permits, it only takes a second for something to happen, and it doesn’t have to pertain to the heat. My best friend lost a child from Seat belt strangulation, another friend of mine had her child grab a pack of matches and accidentally lit her self on fire, No Child should be left unattended, they count on us to be their protectors. Tom your comment is absurd as well, every race has idiots and depending on your race, your one of them with a comment like that! You and these people that do these idiotic things is what is wrong with the world today!!

    • Khandice

      are you retarded? how does Obama have ANYTHING to do with this? people like you will literally blame everything on the president like he’s in complete control of universe, if that’s what you think..which is what it seems..I feel sorry for you and hope you don’t have children

  • Marvin

    Ken Mitchell, tell me what in the he** PRESIDENT Obama has to do with this article???? NOTHING. You ignorant a$$ republicans make me sick, blame everything on this man for doing his job. Bush must be proud of Bob McDonnell and his wife. Didn’t see any comments about that fron you.

  • Robbie

    Amen Marvin….they want ot blame everything on the President. Also say nothing about the McDonnell’s

  • Marvin

    Ken Mitchell you are the uneducated one. An uneducated A$$ hole!!!! What’s funny is how STUPID and IGNORANT you are!!!!! I bet you dont see nothing wrong with what the McDonnell are being charged for. You REPUBLICONS will not allow change!!!

  • grace

    They should make every woman take a test before you are allowed to bread. If you are an idiot they should spade you. This will help prevent dummys being able to have children and prevent children getting hurt.

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