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RICHMOND, Va. - A Richmond man pleads guilty to stealing money that was supposed to go back into the community to help fight underage drinking.
Court documents obtained by CBS 6 News spell out 29-year-old Steven Hammond Jr.'s crime.

According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District court, Hammond admits to stealing from an ABC program that receives federal funds. Hammond worked for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control as an Education Coordinator for its Youth Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Program or YADAPP.

Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring says it was a simple case of greed that led Hammond to use his position to steal money from the program that aims to curb underage drinking.

"He would arrange for others who were not providing any educational services to get the checks. They would cash them and then a portion of the money would go back to Hammond,” Herring explained.

When ABC officials uncovered the discrepancies during an internal audit, they contacted Virginia State Police and the Virginia Attorney General’s office.

Herring says his office in turn got the FBI involved. Documents show Hammond’s embezzlement spanned a four year period. He also admitted to creating seventy seven fraudulent checks created by ABC totaling more than 238 thousand dollars.

Investigators say Hammond’s scheme started back in 2009. In 2012 he appeared on WTVR to talk about the very program he would later admit to stealing from.

ABC officials say they have since added additional financial controls to prevent that type of theft from happening again. Attorney General Mark Herring says Hammond will be required to pay restitution.

Hammond faces a maximum of 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced on January 14, 2015.


  • Paula

    That weird. They sell wine and then they talk about underage drinkkng. Dont they know the grown ups is giving the children stuff to drink.

  • Robbie

    The typical state employee is not allowed to take gifts of any kind and if he/she does, they will be fired. However, Governor McDonnell & his wife, Ms. Rodeo drive, took hundreds of thousands of dollars, I mean gifts, and some think that’s ok. Crooked politicians need to be jailed for years and I hope Crooked Bob and Ms.Money Bags get their due.

  • michael

    faces 10 years for stealing money,kill somebody and get only 20.we have a great system I tell you

    • Jonathan Billings

      Or if you kill them while driving under the influence you will receive three. Protip, if you want someone dead, get drunk then run them over, you won’t have to worry about life in prison or being executed! Wonder system we have.

  • savage

    Desperate times cause for desperate measures keep yo head up Cuzzo….when you got kids to feed anything goes

    • Tammy

      Right, so if you don’t have money, steal? Is that how he funded his store? Was it for the kids or his baby momma bags and shoes?

      • joey

        I disagree John. Tammy’s comment might have had personal knowledge behind it but doesnt seem scornful. Her comment actually legitimizes the word “greedy” in the headlines if what she is saying is true. So, there is relevance. I mean these are tax payer dollars, so regardless of what he did with it, his actions were wrong.

  • Edward Pope (@RFRStormer)

    The system certainly has it’s problems. However if you look around the world, you will see that we are not that bad. The problem comes with the Corporate direction of the current system. Basically, it pays to put people in jail.

  • ELwood Haft

    Paying his Student Loans off and he only got paid 41,000 a year as a State employee… Some of these people with High Student Loan debts are going to be tempted..

  • ELwood Haft

    Gov Rolex accepting gifts from Businessmen and using the Gov Mansion to promote drugs/supplements, The Girl Scout Leader of Va stealing 30,000 off of the Credit Card yet making 100K per year. An this clown adding 40,000 a year to his 41,k salary every year by skimming off the checks.. Virginia has a leadership problem…

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