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11-year-old alleged mastermind behind convenience store break-in

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CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. -- Deputies say half a local crime spree has been solved.

Two juveniles were arrested and charged with a break-in at the Sunshine Mart in Carmel Church, and investigators believe the brains behind the operation is just 11 years old.

Friday and Monday, we showed you surveillance video given to us by the Caroline County Sheriff’s office. Two people are seen storming into the Sunshine Mart by shattering the door and stealing cigarettes and whatever else they could grab.

"After your newscast Monday, we got a call from a person saying they could identify the two,” said Sheriff Tony Lippa. “Now, we've solved the break-in part."

But the second crime, an armed robbery up the street at a Valero gas station, is still under investigation.

"I was freaking out," said Terrance Moseley, a customer inside that gas station as the gunman approached the counter. "We came in simultaneously; I guess that threw him off."

The focus of Moseley’s concern was the fact that his seven-year-old son Tashawn was right by his side.

"I said let my son out the store. He shook his head no and pointed the gun our way, so I shielded my son to get him out the store,” Moseley said. “I knocked over a chips rack in the process."

Luckily no one was hurt.

Tuesday night, Moseley said he was encouraged to see deputies getting results, but was shocked to see that someone just four years older than his little guy has been charged. "There's no respect or guidance there," he said.

Mitchell Leitch, a Bowling Green father of eight children, couldn't agree more. "It's the sense of entitlement these days,” Leitch said. “Nowadays, it's not instilled in kids that you work and get a job to better yourself."

Caroline deputies are still looking for information to help find the armed robber costuming himself like a Ninja.

Sheriff Tony Lippa says his detectives are trying to determine if the 15- and 11-year-olds have any connection to the armed robbery. He told me it's possible the 15-year-old in the break-in could be charged as an adult.



  • Hang 10

    Where are the parents?
    Are there parents?
    I agree with Nurse Jackie, get this child some help before it is too late.

  • mike

    poor white kids…get them psyhco help—if black, lock them up and talk about how bad the parents are.

  • michael

    or if white lock them up for more time just to even out the stats.if black do nothing because blacks dont commit more crime they are just punished more.good try though

      • joy

        hmmm…The most interesting things I saw in the article was “African Americans, who are 13% of the population and 14% of drug users, are not only 37% of the people arrested for drugs but 56% of the people in state prisons for drug offenses. Marc Mauer May 2009 Congressional Testimony for The Sentencing Project.”

  • Elwood

    Did the kids just see a Video game? Why are they robbing the store at 1:30AM.. Where are their parents.. Oh because they are juvi’s they aren’t releasing the names? If the wer Black kids you’d be naming them..

    • kitty

      Because it’s always about race…. there are more blacks locked up for non-violent crimes… and more whites locked up for violent /child molesting crimes….. it is what it is….and if you haven’t figured that out by now your in denial

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