Intimate details about Governor McDonnell, first lady make for ‘extraordinary’ day in Virginia politics

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth called Tuesday one of the most 'extraordinary' days in Virginia political history.

"To have a governor on trial, the first lady on trial and then to have the bombshell that the defense attorneys came out with this morning, that there is no conspiracy because essentially there was no marriage," Holsworth said. "They were barely communicating and basically broken apart and it was all done by this man Jonnie Williams."

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen are on trial in federal court on charges they used their position to improve Williams’ company, Star Scientific,  in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts.

In addition to filing video reports during breaks in the trial, St. George is providing live updates from the court.


  • Timmy McFadden

    So what? Even the rich and the beautiful need to de-stress after spending the day serving the great un-washed citizens. Besides, they are Republicans and have a marriage based on Christian values.

    • B Addy

      Right Timmy. Because if they were democrats their marriage would have been based on thug life values of having 6 kids from 5 different “fathers” that would never be seen again. And the taxpayers would be raising them.

    • oh

      Wholesome, Profiled Democratic Marriages: FDR, JFK, LBJ, Gary Harts, Edwards, The Clintons, The Chelsea In-Laws, The Weiners, The Obamas(?); Christians or not.

  • Rosa Johnson

    im a democrat but I am also a human being. at first it was funny to see a Christian values republican fall, but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. so sorry to see all of their personal lives played out on the world stage for everyone to see. they have paid the money back, his political career is over. what else do the people want? all in all, he did a great job for Va.

    • Robbie

      Are you on crack? Bozo Bob McDonnell did nothing in his four years for anyone other than himself. Traipsing all over the country endorsing which ever Republican candidate for president was hot at the time! He had one foot out of the governors mansion from day one looking to improve his political career. Bob McDonnell’s career is not over though. He is a poster child for todays Republican party.

  • Ron Melancon

    Sounds like a love Triangle. You wonder what other Gifs were exchanged .
    Boy late night comedians are going to have a field day. I wounder how jimmy Fallon will use this

  • Jay

    Typical bible thumping republicans.
    If they walk like a conservative, talk like a conservative….they’re probably f****** up!

  • mbaker9105

    Lawyer tactics, mutually agreed upon….what they are attempting to do is convolute the issue, arriving in separate cars, different lawyers, both admitting to an “inappropriate relationship” and a “dysfunctional marriage”, etc. The end tactic being that she is guilty of no more than possibly getting involved with someone whom she didn’t realize had other objectives, and the Gov is the “oh shucks” guy who he previously stated Williams was a “great friend” even though they never met until just before or after the election, and thought “what a friend helping me in a time of need”, and thought friends always let your use their jets and helped you out of financial situations, the least you can do is grease the wheels a little bit by introducing him around some, so he’s a victim also. Whether the jury can see though this obvious tactic is the question, but I’m sure the prosecutor should be able to sum that up quite well in closing arguments….that’s where the wire fraud and possible obstruction comes in……possibly moving the money around in such a manner as it’s obvious that there was an attempt to, at the very least, conceal the transactions for tax purposes?……Not a bad tactic though….

  • Becky

    POTUS, WH, Oval Office, with Hillary in residence. Thrown under the bus? (Christian).
    George Soros financing Chelsea’s $300,000 wedding for US Secretary of State and ex President
    at the posh Astor Court., built for John Jacob Astor IV.
    The Clintons guested at the plush Soros’ Family Home, Glenbury, throughout all the wedding festivities.
    Highest US Hierarchy privy to that wedding. NO Federal/Holder “corruption” investigations.
    Financing, wash and clean, through all the interconnected Democratic Tax Exempts, set ups and used to subsidize Political Agendas of Political Special Interest Consortiums.
    The “Broke” Clintons funneling speaking fees through their Tax Exempt “Family Foundation”.
    Chelsea’s new family values in-laws, as staunch Clinton Political, office holders/facilitators, adulterers, convicted felon, that still haven’t paid court ordered restitution to victims. (Jewish).

      • Becky

        FACTS and TRUTH are your enemy. You can’t Stand Up, Own Up, Face Up, Grow Up
        to Man Up to even to rebuke or defend. Just ceremonial, repetitious, Democratic Ugly for
        absolutely no other reason than to get attention, for The Party Attention Deficit Disorders.

    • robin

      Well, you see Becky’s defense above for her beloved party… deflect this scandal, and talk about democrats! Wont even own up to, stand up to face up or grow up or man up to what wrong her beloved republican party has done.

  • Becky

    When you BUY your Star Witnesses and Chef, with absolute “Deals, bennies, and pay offs”, with absolutely no risks to them, you pretty much have Carte Blanche to get them to do, be, Say, just about anything your want, purposed to the desired outcome you set up and intended.
    It is Never “Corruption” when Democrats are Doing IT, transparently.

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