Midlothian woman: I bit into rusty wire eating Healthy Choice fudge bar

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MIDLOTHIAN, Va. -- A Nebraska-based food manufacturer says it is working to obtain a fudge bar from a Midlothian woman to do an analysis after the woman says she found a metal wire in the frozen treat.

Michelle Lynam said she often indulges in Healthy Choice fudge bars before bed.

“The fudge bars are just the nice perfect little treat,” Lynam said.

wireinicecreambarBut, the last time Lynam bit into her fudge bar, she said she bit into metal.

“Looking at the wire, I noticed how disgusting it was...rusty and filthy,” Lynam said.

Lynam was not hurt by the sharp object, but said she shudders to think about what would have happened if her daughter had tried to eat it.

“My kids go in that freezer all the time, and grab popsicles and fudge bars,” Lynam said.

Lynam reported the incident to the ice cream’s manufacturer, ConAgra Foods, on Facebook.

“Within a couple hours they got back to me and expressed their concern,” Lynam said.

A ConAgra Foods spokesperson told CBS 6 that food safety and quality matters very seriously, and they are working with Lynam to get the popsicle to do a lab analysis.

Consumer lawyer John Gayle said companies should take complaints like Lynam’s seriously, and ConAgra is handling the complaint correctly.

“They might want to track down the source of the problem to correct it,” Gayle said.

Gayle said customers can typically only sue when someone is physically hurt in these situation, but he urges consumers to always report problems.

“Take a picture of it, show this to the company and send a letter off,” Gayle said.

The ConAgra spokesperson told CBS 6 they checked their records and found they did not have any other complaints of a similar nature.

Here is the full statement from ConAgra Foods spokesperson Monique Farmer:

“We are working directly with this consumer to understand the situation and conduct a thorough analysis. We take food safety and quality matters very seriously and we will do what is necessary to resolve the matter. We have not seen other issues of this type and we working hard to learn more facts about the situation.”


  • darrel

    is that the product?if so must call bull that she had to bite into it to see that wire,duh she didnt see it?

  • Liz

    WTVR this is your headline story? Tabloid – and either she is blind for not seeing this (and did it really fit into the package) or she put it there herself. I’m about to delete you from my news feed……

  • Bull Loney

    From the picture, there was no way she could have held the stick without feeling the wire and knowing something was wrong. She saw the wire and thought she saw the lottery ticket then took a big bite out of it so she could take a great picture and cash in.

  • abc123

    It’s a picture…. You don’t know how flimsy that wire is… also, you don’t know whether or not she leaves the wrapper on the bottom of her bar as she eats…. goodness.

  • Rebecca

    I know Dr Lynam and for those of you who think she planted the wire there I have to laugh. She is a very busy working mother who does not need the attention. She most likely wants others to be aware because she has small children who could have been injured by the metal and she wants to raise awareness and be sure the problem that led to this is fixed.

  • Lynn

    A doctor’s creed, “First do no harm”. Why would she dare make-up a story? She is credible and I know her. She was very concerned for her children.

  • Reasonable Man

    At first I when I saw the picture, I also thought that if she was holding the wood stick, how could she possibly miss the metal being there, and that I smelled a rat/fraudster. But then I thought that often people leave the treat in the wrapper and eat it from the open end, so that the wrapper catches any drippings – then I could see how she could miss the metal wire hanging from the bottom. And since the wire shows on only one side of the ice cream, she would have a 50% chance of not having the wire side facing her. Also, she is not claiming any injury, so the theory that she set it up to get money goes right out the window. LESSON LEARNED: situations are not always how they first appear. You are smarter (or at least appear smarter if there is no hope for that) if you withhold judgement and don’t jump to ignorant conclusions.

    • Mr. Owl

      Doesn’t seem to me that there would be time for drippings; given the rather large size of her bite I would say the bar probably doesn’t get a chance to melt. Of course I have to grant you that I have no way to know how she eats her fudge bar. Maybe she bites off a giant piece then leaves the rest in the wrapper to melt while she massages away her ice cream headache then comes back five minutes later for her next giant bite. Maybe she doesn’t like AC and her bedroom is 89 degrees so the bar will melt faster. Maybe she ate it in the dark and couldn’t see the wire. All compelling possibilities. Much like the question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

  • jeremy

    I think attention may be a motive ,not money.and just because someone claims to not want money if and when that was to happen it wouldnt be a headline story.either way .shes has this as a bedtime snack so maybe a few thousand free bars will be ok.You want a healthy bedtime snack,try a apple

  • Michelle

    Thank you to anyone posting kind words in this sea of awful hateful ones. I had no idea there would be a backlash against me. It makes me sad. Yes, I am very embarrassed that I devoured that bar so quickly like I have a hundred times before and did not see or feel the filthy wire. I’m a mom of three and nursing a 3 month old. Now that my maternity leave is over, I’m lucky if I have time for a shower and dinner in the evenings. Sitting down to eat slowly is not always an option. (And BTW, nursing makes you hungry!)

    I was walking from the garage freezer into the house while eating it. I pushed the ice cream through the top of the package and took several bites before the whole wrapper came off. When I did get the wrapper off, the wire was facing away from me based on my upper teeth impressions and the fact that I held it in my right hand. My husband was watching a movie so the room was dim. When I took that last bite, something felt weird so I paused and looked at it. The first thing I noticed was the bottom part of the wire which I initially thought was loose in my hand. I was shocked and angered to trace the wire into the ice cream and out the top. My bites were not going all the way through. My teeth were breaking off chunks.

    Since I was not injured, I never had any desire to sue for any money. I was impressed that ConAgra replied to me in about two hours via Facebook even though it was late at night. They are refunding the value of two boxes of fudge bars. They were apologetic and quick to want to start an investigation. Hopefully they can discover what it is and where it came from so that it will not happen again. They are unable to test it for pathogens, but perhaps they can determine what the debris on the wire is. This was very upsetting to me. Imagine if you or a loved one had put this dirty and sharp object your mouth.

    I wanted to share my story so that consumers don’t do what I did. Slow down and look at your food before you eat it, no matter where it was prepared. And to all the doubters, my girls (the ones not nursing as I type this ) would like to know why you would call their mom a lier.

    • Timmy McFadden

      Why? Because women thrive on drama and attention. Not to worry. Your daughters will grow up the same way. All women want the coveted “victim” status.

  • Michelle

    Based on my teeth marks the wire was facing away from me. Because I held it in my right hand, the majority of it was obscured by my thumb. Add a dark room to the mix, and it is easy to see how I missed it. ConAgra is retrieving the bar in the morning so I gave it one more look. The bag is only open from the top because this is how I pushed the bar out. Also, I found a 1cm tear laterally on the stick side of the bag. Perhaps I made this tear pushing the bar up and out? Perhaps the wire poked through the bag? Perhaps this was an entry point.

    I cannot post pictures in this forum, but you can look at the pictures in the not so friendly feed on the Facebook link.

    Vocabulary word for the day..MISOGYNIST

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    So many idiots who don’t realize many people don’t take the whole thing out of the wrapper so they don’t make a mess of their hands.

  • Sarah

    Is is so hard to believe that someone who happens to be a physician in our community would want to get the word out about a potential health threat? It is not just ConAgra’s reputation at stake here.

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