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McDonnell trial begins Monday with jury selection

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RICHMOND, Va. -- After over a year of investigation, speculation, indictment and denial -- the trial of former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, begins Monday at 10 a.m. in Richmond Federal Court.

It will be the first time a Virginia Governor is on trial for criminal charges.

Ten days after he left office in January, the McDonnells were indicted on 14 counts. Most of the charges allege that in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts, they used their position to improve the company of the donor Jonnie Williams.

First on the to-do list Monday: jury selection.

Around 150 potential jurors will be in court with the McDonnells as both sides attempt to pick their ideal jury. Judge James Spencer, a veteran of the court with a reputation for no nonsense, will preside.

The clerks office tells CBS 6 that the hope is to complete jury selection in one day.

However, CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said it won't be easy.

"The have got to find folks - not who have never heard about the case or that they don't know who they are - but they just got to find people who will be fair and impartial," Stone said.

The trial could last up to six weeks with family members, friends and former employees all expected to testify.

Critical testimony for the government is expected to come from the prosecution's star witness Jonnie Williams. The most critical testimony by the defense will most likely be that of Bob McDonnell himself if he chooses to testify.

Speculation is that several current and former politicians may testify on the McDonnell's behalf. McDonnell's former chief of staff, secretary of health, and communications director have all been subpoenaed.

Rumors are swirling that Mitt Romney could take the stand after the McDonnell lawyers requested a subpoena for an "out of state public official."

Romney, who appeared at a fundraiser in Virginia last month in which Bob McDonnell attended, donated $10,000 to the McDonnell defense team in April.

CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George will be in court beginning Monday at 8 a.m. Stay with CBS 6 News and for complete coverage of this developing story.


  • airjackie

    So sad for the State to have this happen. Bob was careful to stay in line with gifts, deals and favors covered un the Virginia law by allow his family to take the money. But Bob got away with it so long he felt no Federal agency would ever know he broke Federal law. If the Chef had not reported it who knows Bob might be the candidate for President. Well now Bob has to fine Virginians who accept the Governor’s criminal conduct with that apology as other Governors who did the same are in jail. Mitt Romney is a great choice as he said he lied about creating 2 million jobs just for the votes but had no plan. Mitt hopes the jury is the 47% he talked about to his elite donors. Wonder if Governor Christie of NJ will be asked to speak on behalf of Bob as Christie is under criminal investigation himself. Justice will be served as we will see if crime does pay in Virginia. But the bigger case is Impeaching the President for doing his job and suing him for doing his job for the American people. As Judges now have to decide if they will follow the law or go political.

    • athynz

      Obama is not being sued for doing his job but for not doing his job correctly – for going around the legislative branch of the government with the release of the 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange for Bergdahl… which is illegal as the release of those prisoners is determined by a vote in congress not by an executive order. I also want to mention that Bergdahl is a traitor to this country – so essentially Obama released 6 Taliban members. McDonnell did nothing wrong as far as VA State law which is why the state dropped the charges – this trial, much like the hoopla concerning the name of the Redskins, is a smoke screen. Only in this case they get to kill 2 birds with one stone – distract We The People with this trial and tarnish the reputation of McDonnell because when he wins he’ll still have the charge of corruption in the eyes of the public.

  • Sammy

    Hair Wackie?? You heard it here first, Not guilty on ALL counts!!! Do you not find it funny that they charged his wife who is elected by NOBODY!!!! Absolutely NOBODY voted for her!! Think if possible poor thing?!?!?!? This is bull+chit at best. But keep taking up for your idiot in DC but be honest come November your OUT of here!?!?!? Yes you heard it here FIRST!!!! YOU POOR THING

    • CC

      Sam I am, stop hating. They didn’t press charges for nothing. AirJackie is exactly right. You wish the president will be out in November, lol. Yall people funny.

      • Sammy

        CC/sissy there is no hating you missed the point as usual!! You can not charge her with accepting anything she is not elected by anybody dummy. The pres. is stuck like chuck doing the real will of the people and you followers arestuck WATCHING!!!! pooho!!!!!

      • athynz

        The Federal Government – which is run by liberal progressives – pressed charges because they are scared of the man. He did nothing wrong according to VA State law and the charges were dropped by the state and that should have been the end of it. Also all of the gifts were returned. So how did Star Scientific improve due to the alleged influence of the McDonnells? Also how is Maureen McDonnell being charged as she is not an elected official?

  • Robbie

    Bob and Ms.Hollywood McDonnell hobnobbed with the elite spending beyond their means for 4 years. The bums took taxpayer vacations all over the world. Their lawyers are paid for by the many he helped with illegal deals. He stole over 600 million from the states retirement fund to balance his budget. He is the scum of the earth and his wife is the first lady.

      • Sam

        Robbie’s point is obvious, as is yours. Ironic that Republicans claim to be anti crime and family values.

      • CC

        Sammy you’re the phucking dummy if you think they did nothing wrong. Face facts you stupid a$$, they committed a crime & now they will pay. Stop your whining and crying like the little bytch that you are. Your boy & his whore are going DOWN!!!!

      • Sammy

        Do you kiss your kids with that mouth?? Your just another cry from the trailer park nobody heard you. You heard it here first. Not guilty all counts!!

    • athynz

      Let’s compare all of those “lavish” vacations with all of the vacations Obama and his family too on the taxpayer dime shall we? How many trips to Hawaii in separate planes did they take? how many golfing trips has he taken?

  • Suzanne

    What has Bob McDonnell done that’s so “wrong?” Nothing more than any other public official has done. From the beginning, this whole thing looks like a witch hunt orchestrated by a few sore losers.

  • isso

    The clearly, transparent, Most illegal, lawless, unconstitutional Regime is prosecuting on “Corruption”
    charges of political opponent? The infamous DOInjustice that not only excuses, refuses, and
    openly displays his utter contempt of all laws, Constitution, government due process, and Congress;
    the “Law Makers” hold Republicans, under what law, and exempts and allows illegal, lawlessness, with Corrupt from within and throughout local, state, and federal echelons of The PC Democratic Party. The height of belligerent audacity of extreme Hypocrisy IS PC.

  • isso

    The Federal Investigation in McAuliffe, the favorite subservient party auctioneer for mutual Party
    gratifications , appears to be PC lost, destroyed, and forgotten. Democratic Media Pravda never mentions it much less rides it like a broom every day. .

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