Shooting in Chicago leaves 13-year-old dead, 6 wounded

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Gun violence flared again in Chicago when a shooter sprayed bullets outside a convenience store on the city’s west side, killing a 13-year-old boy and wounding six others.

Samuel Walker had just finished a day at summer school Friday and stopped at the store, probably to buy a snack, when he was fatally shot, his aunt Maribell Ruiz, told CNN affiliate WLS.

“He was like a little man in the house,” she said. “He helped his mother. He helped everybody.”

Witnesses said the gunman got out of a car and started shooting.

Chicago police said the wounded included two 14-year-olds, two 15-year-olds and two men, ages 21 and 25. Police said the oldest victim was treated and released at the scene while the others were in stable to serious conditions.

Police have not provided a motive or announced an arrest.

Chicago has been grappling with a spate of deadly gun violence. The shooting occurred a few hours after Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah unveiled “Chicago Stand Up,” a new effort to fight Chicago gun violence.

Last weekend, 47 people were shot in Chicago, including an 11-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet while sitting on a friend’s bedroom floor, Chicago police said. Over Independence Day weekend, nine people were killed and 60 wounded, police said.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has pushed police to try new tactics, but said public safety in Chicago must go beyond police and into investments in after-school and summer job programs, community building and gun law enforcement.

Ruiz questioned whether Emanuel can to fix the problem.

“Rahm Emanuel cannot come up with a solution if he has not lived this life,” said Ruiz. “If you have not been part of the street, you cannot come up with a solution for the street.”


  • isso

    Isn’t Chicago a liberal, progressive, and Democratically run City with “enforced” Gun Control? Seems like they can’t, don’t, won’t, Control their own or the guns either.

  • manalishi

    Barry Soertoro’s hometown? Rahm Manual’s paradise? It’s run by democrats, for democrats. This is what democrasts vote for and yet they want us to be outraged?

    • Robbie

      Republicans feel no outrage at the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq. Nor do they for the loss of American soldiers. They don’t feel outrage for the 3,000 lost on 9-11 because Bush was to busy on vacation to take the warnings seriously. So yes, you’re right, why would Republicans be outraged about this.?

      • manalishi

        Again, Bush has been gone 5 !/2 years. Your program failed domestic and foreign. “chump”.

      • Robbie

        Yes Bush has been gone for 51/2 years Manchumpishi but people continue to die as a result of 8 years as commander and idiot. Isn’t it time for you to open your man massage parlor today? Should be a big night for you since another article says some Republican rats are having a rally in an ally by your business. Limbaugh puffer Girlalishi!

    • manalishi

      What situation? Barry says everything is great. You’ve been acting kinda feminine lately HM. Something your not telling us?

      • Robbie

        Barrack Obama 2
        John McCain 0
        Nitwit Mitt. 0
        Bush was 2-0 but the country lost its retirement, economy, hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of jobs. He was the dumbest president to ever live.

      • manalishi

        BWAAAA. Did you script that from your Obozophone. It’s not as if you can live without the handouts there Rubbie. “chump”.

  • Sammy

    Can’t wait till November?!?!? 50 bucks says Harry Reid will very soon after announce his retirement. His ego won’t take it.

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