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$110K reward offered after carjackers run down, kill 3 kids ‘sweet’ in Philadelphia

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Three children helping their mother operate a fruit stand were killed when a stolen SUV plowed into a small crowd on a Philadelphia street corner.

Police Lt. John Stanford said 10-year-old Thomas Reed was pronounced dead on the scene Friday, while 7-year-old Terrence Moore and 15-year-old Keiearra Williams were pronounced dead at the hospital.

They were the children of 34-year-old Keisha Williams, who remained in critical condition Saturday, according to Giselle Zayon of Temple University Hospital.

“They were sweet,” Ursula Jackson of North Philadelphia told CNN affiliate KYW. “They were beautiful, they were beautiful little kids.”

According to Philadelphia police, two men — one black, one Hispanic — carjacked a real estate agent who was showing a house and pushed her into the backseat of her Toyota SUV.

The men drove around Philadelphia at high speeds while holding the woman — whose name has not been released — at gunpoint. Stanford said she is in critical but stable condition, and that she has been able to communicate with authorities.

When the SUV rounded a corner at Germantown and Allegheny avenues, it ran into a small crowd on the corner, including the fruit stand where the family — who lived just around the corner on West Hilton St — was raising money for their church. Another woman helping at the fruit stand was hospitalized as well. On Saturday, police had not released her name or her condition.

The SUV wrecked in a wooded area and the two men ran away.

The father of the 7-year-old boy urged the suspects to surrender to authorities.

“Taking innocent peoples’ lives. That was my son,” he told KYW. “You took him away from me. Turn yourself in.”

A reward of $110,000 has been offered for information leading to their arrest.

Stanford said Saturday the homicide unit was “following up on a number of tips and leads but (it had) nothing concrete at this time.”


    • Magenta

      The fact of the matter is three kids are dead, a mother is fighting for her life, and these idiots behind it all are still out on the loose. Stupidity doesn’t discriminate, so I’m seriously wondering why political pot-shots have to crop up in almost every single comment post on this site and drag the focus off the subject at hand. It’s like certain folks don’t have anything interesting or of worth to bring about the article at hand, which let the comments 99.9% of the time degrade into an all out troll war. Always blaming one side but NEVER offering anything productive… and that goes with BOTH sides that do this here.

      Really, folks, find some new material or just stay in the political articles where it might actually be on topic.

      • manalishi

        ” NEVER offering anything productive”. Myopia is treatable, In case your not paying attention, These democrats are habitually protected up to the point where careless tragedy like this happens. then they have the “right” to siphon as much $ from an already strapped country Here’s a productive idea. Find them, give them a fair trial, and hang them from a lightpole in their home neighborhood. Be sure to lock up the trash that is consciously aiding and abetting them so as ensure future scum cannot hide. Stop allowing a prison stay (democrat university) to be a “badge of honor” to the wannabee subculture.

        Your ex post facta concept of handling (supporting) these callous democrats can only be attributed to an affiliation, thus the attempt to shine the limelight on anything but your core beliefs. Factor this, The only thing you post did was was try to quash the attachment of your beliefs to the stereotypical status quo. All at the same time, your ” NEVER offering anything productive” was your only offering. Yeah, the Trolls are coming,,,but they are democrats too. Now fix the problem a**hole.

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