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Gaza protest on Broad Street

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MIDDLE EAST - Israeli government officials told CNN that the United Nations has asked for a 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire extension.

As a first stage, the Cabinet approved four additional hours until midnight, thus allowing the Cabinet to convene and discuss the U.N. request. The Israel Defense Forces continue to observe the humanitarian lull, during which IDF efforts to eliminate Hamas' tunnel activity continues.

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    No longer “tolerant” of Lies; PC lies, Media lies, Obama/Kerry/UN/Pelosi/Reid lies, Tax Exempt
    special interests lies; “rebels”/terrorists/Al Qaeda, Humas, ISIS, Palestinian lies. Saw the
    Humanitarian Acts of using human shields to continue and constantly carry out purposed
    attacks. Always posing as the poor, poor victims while spreading their intentional brandings of their own chaos, turmoil, and chaos. Peaceful, loving, kind, caring and benevolent no longer covers what is clearly, transparently, intentionally the opposite of the publicized Hoaxes of Hypocrisy.

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