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Pray for Virginia tornado victims, governor urges

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CAPE CHARLES, Va. – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe asked the community to pray for the family of the New Jersey couple killed when a tornado hit Cherrystone Family Camping Resort Thursday morning.

The couple’s 13-year-old son remains in critical condition at the hospital.

McAuliffe toured the storm-damage campground Friday morning and met with campers, campground staff and first responders.


  • buzzbye

    Fields of corn near the Campground are stripped to nothing now . The pictures are just unreal from what I have seen on Delaware online. Outstanding video also . It takes your breath away to see what you vacation at for almost 50 years to be virtually destroyed. Hundreds of trees just leveled. Trailers flipped over like toys and literally splintered in nothingness

  • Robbie

    Virginia finally has a governor that cares. Bob McDonnell would have been to busy getting his hair done or taking bribes to tour the site. His wife would have been shopping. Cantor would have had a tornado steak dinner at taxpayers expense for his supporters.

  • KG

    Robbie, you’d better watch what McAuliffe is doing with his left hand while he’s waving his right hand. That’s if he can stop kissing Obama’s a$$ long enough.

  • KG

    Sorry not a boy toy; but if “mitten” was in office we’d have a leader as president not a someone trying to destroy America!

    • Robbie

      The country was on the brink of destruction when Obama took over. He only had to do nothing for the country to fail. Instead he fought hard against the Republican party which was doing its best to demolish us and saved this country. For over 5 years the Republican party has done its best to see him fail. You people complain because he is black but he has beaten a Vietnam war hero, the idiotic Miss Alaska and a rich, out of touch white man born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

  • KG

    Sorry to burst your bubble but his color has nothing to do with it, so you can put away your race card..For 5 years the Republican party has kept him doing any more damage than he already has. Socialism does not work!

    • Marvin

      What country are you living in??? Bush phucked this country up as soon as he got in office. So stop blaming the president for this country failures. If Romney would have been in office it was gonna be much worse. That’s why the people voted President Obama NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!!!

  • PCTransparency

    April 2013, Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill Friday that was intended to protect religious expression in public schools, saying the legislation could infringe students’ right to be free of “coercive prayer and religious messaging” at school events.
    Democratic Double Talk, Double Standards, Double Crossing; using and abusing whatever it takes
    to pretend to “Look Good” to be kind, caring, benevolent. The Exclusive Party of SELF Interests.
    Understand McAuliffe is under Federal Investigation, but it has ceremoniously been PC Lost or
    Destroyed, by PC Party, obviously.

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