‘I’m pregnant!’ burglar yelled before 80-year-old homeowner shot her

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LONG BEACH, Calif. – When 80-year-old Tom Greer was attacked by intruders at his home, he fought back. When he got his gun and fired at them, they ran.

One of his attackers, a woman, shouted, “I’m pregnant!” He shot her twice, killing her.

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The district attorney will decide Friday whether Greer will face criminal charges for his actions.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell said Greer walked into his house Tuesday to find suspects Andrea Miller, 26, and Gus Adams, 28, ransacking it. According to McDonnell, Greer said this was the fourth time his house has been burglarized.

Gus Adams, left, and Andrea Miller, right (PHOTO:  Long Beach Police Department)

Gus Adams, left, and Andrea Miller, right (PHOTO: Long Beach Police Department)

Police say the couple beat and threw the elderly man to the ground, causing him to suffer a broken collarbone, cuts and bruises.

Although injured, Greer managed to grab his gun and fire at the suspects, causing them to flee through the garage and into the alley, police said.

In an interview with non-CNN affiliate KNBC, Greer said that as the suspects ran into the alley, Miller yelled, “‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ and I shot her anyway.”

According to McDonnell, Miller died in the alley.

In a press conference, McDonnell said the coroner will make the final determination of whether Miller was pregnant, but said it “wasn’t obvious” if she was.

When asked by KNBC how he felt about the incident, Greer responded that he had no regrets.

“I had to do what I had to do.”

The male suspect fled the scene, according to Greer. Adams was later arrested and charged with residential robbery and felony murder in Miller’s death. He is currently being held on $1.25 million bond.


  • Bubba

    If she was in fact pregnant, she should have thought of that before she broke in and crippled the elderly gentleman. She got what she had coming to her. And they should fry her partner for his role.

  • Lisa

    That is some good gun control – sight alignment and smooth trigger squeeze. Too bad the other perp wasn’t in the line of fire also.

  • donald

    “will decide if charges will be filed” really?So this could be another case when the criminal has more rights then a law abiding citizen.This district attorney should find something to do with all that time on his hands

  • BO

    Why is it people say I’m pregnant have kids and try to make themselves to be good when they are doing bad.It makes me want to shoot them quicker.

    • Robbie

      He won’t be charged Paula. He was defending himself and besides, if he was charged, no jury would convict him. I feel for the child that never had a chance.

    • Kym

      If it wasn’t for her and her partner breaking in his home and assaulting him, then she wouldn’t be dead, therefore the partner is charged. Same as if a group of people rob a store and the clerk shoots one, everyone involved in the robbery would be responsible.

    • Vastly Amused

      Felony murder rule: if someone dies during the commission of a felony- it’s murder and the person committing the felony is guilty of their death.
      Simple explanation, but I don’t think you want the long legalistic explanation.

  • Shelby

    The man certainly can be charged. Self defense laws won’t protect him in this case if the buglers were running away from him, especially since they were already outside and trying to get away from him. At that point they were no longer an immediate threat to his safety, so it was not justifiable.

    • Vastly Amused

      It’s a fact-driven analysis. But the question is, in these cases, “Was he in a reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm?” Could go either way.

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