UPDATE: Missing 8-year-old boy found

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RICHMOND, Va. - An eight-year-old boy was reported missing from the Boys & Girls Club on Branch Ave. in North Richmond.

He was reported missing around 9:40 a.m. and Richmond Police began immediately searching the area; on car and by foot.

Shortly around 11:30a.m. police said he was found.

He was found unharmed and then officials said he was taken home to his mother.

Police said he was found about half a mile away, at a friend's house.

This is a developing story. Watch CBS 6 News at Noon for a live update.


  • blaze

    Wow this tells us alot, you know how many young black boys fit that description? ? Put out amber alert.

    • kitty

      He is at a boys and girls club.I believe for summer program..the staff was suppose to watch him..and he walked off he knows better not like he 2

  • Star

    I saw a little boy who appeared to be around that age wearing a red shirt walking by himself in the direction of the boy and girls club about 9:30 a.m.
    It was cars approaching each intersection and I felt uneasy after I passed over and didn’t let him run across the street. In my rear view mirror I did see the man driving the pick up truck let him cross the street before he drove through the stop sign.
    If this is the same little boy and even if it wasn’t him I thank god the child was found okay!!!!

    P.S. Gut feelings are real!

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