Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

UPDATE: Emporia murder suspect arrested in North Carolina

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EMPORIA, Va. - Police say a man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her teenage son early Friday morning in Emporia was apprehended by U.S. Marshals without incident in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Lamont V. George is accused of shooting and killing Michelle Roper, 36, at about 5:25 a.m. Friday along the 900 block of Reese Street in Emporia.

Yellow tape marks the crime scene where police said Roper's teenage son witnessed the shooting inside the home.

"Officers responded within a minute and found Roper lying in the front yard deceased from an apparent gunshot wound," Emporia Police Chief Don Wyatt said.

By the time police arrived, the suspect had taken off in a stolen car.

"The vehicle actually belonged to the victim. We've recovered it,” Emporia Police Chief Don Wyatt said.

Michelle Roper

Michelle Roper

Investigators said George and Roper have had problems in the past and called their relationship “on-again, off-again."

Police were called to the Reese Street home at least once on a previous domestic violence call. And officials said at least one restraining order had been issued in the past.

Wyatt said the suspect broke into the house for one reason:  to confront the victim.

Police have not found the weapon used in the shooting and said George should be considered armed and dangerous.

Emporia Police issued a "be-on-the-lookout" to other police departments so they could join in the search for George.

Warrants for George include murder, attempted murder, breaking and entering and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


  • Paula

    Early morning he can’t find nothing else to do except take a life. I hope they get him before he take the coward way out and kill himself. Give the police the pleasure.

    • Caring Family

      U dont no what the fuck u talking about he not no fucking scum u dont no people problems but he was wrong he nit no fucking scum he did a bad thing but no one knows what really happend

      • Paula

        Caringfamily. What a joke. From the way your lanuage is and your dirty mouth you just as worse than the piece of mess that did the killing. Nomatter what he had no right to kill nobody. Again he is a animal. Now that they got him I hope they put him in a cell with someone that beat his ###.

    • manalishi

      ” no one knows what really happend” Yeah we do,,,it’s called murder. You seem to be ok with it.

  • Someone

    WTVR should be ashamed to even allow comments if they are going to be like this. Definitely not family friendly. Thanks responsible adults…not

  • Chris Spivey

    if any one know my cousin michelle roper and her son this is her cousin in NY we are trying to find out what happen to her son my little cousin waki roper please contact her family in ny at cspivey68@yahoo.com or my FB page pls.
    thank you
    chris spivey

  • Caring Family

    Yes he did something wrong im sure he is hurting really bad and regrets it’ but he is not a thug he is nit a scum” and in this story right now only he knows what happend every relationship has arguements” & i would never wish what he did on no one” never yes i admit it should have never went this far” & never” should have even continue being in that situation but both were in love and neither wanted to let each other go’

    • manalishi

      ” he is hurting really bad and regrets it’ but he is not a thug he is nit a scum”? Nobody cares about his feelings, You may think he’s not a “thug” or “scum”, your a wacko that shouldn’t breed or vote. “every relationship has arguements”??!! murder may be “argument” in the democrats world, but it’s somewhat socially unacceptable, hence the manhunt arrest.

      • Troll

        manalishi (roger/clayton) … you are extremely socially unacceptable. You must be in the same category as George.

      • Education young AA female

        U comment but u don’t know him or her. Did u stop to think maybe this person caring family does? I did and they did have their ups and downs. I attended college with him and I also know he was not “scum”. Yes he did something wrong and he has to pay the price for it but that’s what’s wrong with society today. U can have an opinion without slandering someone! Of course it’s sad and her family is grieving for their loss but so is his family.

      • Paula

        Whoever you are you are a joke. Your title is a joke. You said his family is grieving too. For what?? They can see, talk & visit that srcum yes I said scrum but the lady that he kill family and her son can’t do that.

  • Tamera

    While everyone is up here talking about the situation that only God, Ms.Roper,Her son and the ex boyfriend…. Not once did i see a comment pertaining to prayer!!! Ms.Roper’s family doesnt need sideline detectives!!! The police has that under control!! But what we can to help is send our prayers up!!! Ms.Roper was a mother, daughter, sister, Friend, Cousin and Aunt!!!! There are alot of people hurt right now because a the tragic death of a beautiful person inside out!!!! Lets stop being selfish posting opinions about something you know nothing about and PRAY for comfort to her family!!! Especially her son who witnessed this tragedy!!!

    • Dave

      Prayers are a waste of time. There is no god, we’ve all been lied to for centuries. If you can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste it- it doesn’t exist. Just a giant fable not unlike santa claus used to keep people in check.

      • Sam

        Although I basically agree with you; you must make a better argument than that. By your reasoning, ideas don’t exist, nor does hope, electrons don’t exist, interest rates don’t exist, etc, etc.

  • Penelope

    Paula should be banned from making comments about anyone. She obviously has no life and has way too much time to post messages that make little sense.

    • Paula

      Penelope you said that I don’t have a life and have too much time to post. How do you know how much I am here if you wasn’t here also. I have a great life. Better than yours that why you are uhappy and and putting down everyone else. You don’t have the power to ban me or nobody here.I am allow to speak my mind. Too bad you don’t have one. I am sorry if your life is dark. Try being nice. You might get some friends.

    • manalishi

      Penelope is one of “them” communist democrats that hates the constitution and someones 1st amendment rights. The constitution is far more respectable and sacred than any trash that violates, re-interprets it, or denies it to a legitimate citizen of the U,S. Paula speaks. If you don’t like it, debate it or f-off commie.

      • Troll

        The comments here are not constitutionally protected free speech and have absolutely nothing to do with the first amendment. As simple minded as you are, I would expect that you at least knew that much. Your stupidity is huge.

  • Someone

    Instead of all the negative remarks how about praying for the two families that lost there loved one’s. You all have no clue as to what the issue was. Yes what he did was in fact wrong. But he’s no monster, thug or any of that he is a child of god! There’s always three sides. The two parties side and the truth and as of right now you all have no right to misjudge him. No sin is greater than the next so if he’s going to hell I guess he’ll meet all you negative ppl with your nasty comments there.

  • Belsma

    If I did something illegal and horrific, I would suspect my face and name would be plastered all over the news and I would expect folks to judge me and talk about me. It’s public info and everyone has the right to voice their opinion and will do so with or without all the facts. It’s human nature.

  • Paula

    Dave you don’t believe there a God? How do you think that you have a life? I must admit your is a waste. There a place for people like you. Nobody ask you to pray. There going to be a day in your life when you are going to need prayer & God. It will be a sad day when God look at you and say who are you? The devil will step in and say he belong to me. Have fun fighting fire.

  • Penelope

    Paula, what does it say in the bible about judging another’s actions? Where does that put you in the fire? Or did you learn about God here on this website and it didn’t touch on that subject.

  • Mike

    At least pinhead Penelope can write a sentence that makes sense. Paula you should proofread before you send your jumbled messages. It is painful to read them.

    • Paula

      Mike I can tell you what was painful. When your mom gave birth to you and your head had so much air in it, that was painful

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