Happy dog passes out when family member returns home

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An overjoyed dog fainted when he was reunited with a family member after two years.

In the YouTube video description, Rebecca Ehalt wrote it had been two years since she had been home. She noted, “which in fairness is 14 years in dog years.”

Ehalt said she took the schnauzer to a veterinarian where he was checked out. “Everything is fine,” she wrote.

Editor’s note: Loud video warning. You have been warned.


  • Rosa Johnson

    my yorkie-poo gets excited like this. my vet prescribes her medication to make sure she does not have a heart attack. be careful with this dog. their hearts cant take it like a human can.

  • RenaldoTPartythumbsup

    Very heart warming and sweet and a testament as to how much a dog truly loves but that one is definitely a case for Caesar Milan. That anxiety can lead to a doggie heart attack the next time she leaves the next and returns for some holiday or to get money from her parents.

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