Neighbors frustrated with rodents, trash left in city alleyway

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Neighbors living along the 1300 block of Columbia St. in Richmond said something is bringing down the area.

"It's disturbing," said one neighbor.

For years neighbors told CBS 6 tall trees and high grass covered an unfinished alleyway near Spings Rd. They said the city recently finally cut everything down but left the trash that had been piling up.

"When I come home I try not to even look this way," said neighbor Kenya Randolph. "It makes me feel like no offense, like I'm homeless."

Neighbors said the trash has also attracted animals like possums and rats. One woman said she even found a dead snake in her yard.

"It's scary because I can't allow my grandkids to play in my backyard without me coming out on the deck," said Tammy Dungee who lives on Columbia St.

Randolph said she's made repeated calls to the city to clean up the mess but nothing has been done.

She reached out to CBS 6 and we started making phone calls on Thursday.

A spokesman told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick that the city does own that area and this is the first they've hard of the issue. They also said someone from the Department of Public Works would visit the site next week.

We also brought the concerns to Councilwoman, Reva Trammell.

"It's a disgrace," said Trammell. "I'm ashamed to even say this is in my district."

Randolph said she won't stop caring for her neighborhood, but has this message for the city.

"I can't leave my property unattended to and not be penalized or fined for it, so why should I have to wake up look to the left of me and this is what I see?" she said.


  • Unkown

    This is a bold idea lady, but if you’re complaining about something, why not do something yourself to fix the situation? Go out there with a weed-eater (or whacker). Go pick up the trash. Mail it to the mayor.

    • Concerned

      This is a bold idea lady, but if you’re complaining about something, why not do something yourself to fix the situation? Go out there with a weed-eater (or whacker). Go pick up the trash. Mail it to the mayor. To mr/mrs unknown It is not my responsibility to go out in areas that may be hazardous to both myself and my family. But I will not allow the city to act as if they didnt see the trash when they left it. So if that is being bold, than so be it. DOnt take your fustrastion about who our Mayor is on me. lol That was your vote that help him serve “two” terms. Get over it, and try to make a difference wherever you reside. Good Day

  • Unkown

    Also: ”

    “It’s scary because I can’t allow my grandkids to play in my backyard without me coming out on the deck,” said Tammy Dungee who lives on Columbia St.”

    So, if the situation is cleaned up, you’ll let your kids play unsupervised again? Shouldn’t someone be watching kids?

      • reeltime

        Kids climb and have all kinds of ways to escape under no supervision. It’s all our buisness when one might get away for any number of reasons and the taxpayer will foot the bill for the money spent on all the resources utilyzed in finding the child. Now, if you would persnally like to foot that bill with no expense to me and other taxpayers I will mind my buisness, otherwise I have skin $$$ in that concern.

      • Concerned

        REELTIME….are you kidding me? This is a story about trash and rodents. How did you decide to talk about your tax $$$ I can assure you that your tax $$$ are being spent by the higher ups that YOU support. Perhaps you should look up information about your city and state leaders. Read about your tax $$$!! As for now we are talking about our children within eye sight, of age, fenced in yard, playing. If any of us were on the news because of a lost child, BY GOSH ITS OBVIOUS YOUR ONLY CONCERN IS YOUR TAX $$$. If you want to control how your money is spent, get into congress but until then stop taking your short comings out on a community trying to keep their neighborhood clean. Good Day to you also

  • isso

    Mayor has set his Priorities/Legacy and it is Not Municipal Obligations.
    Concern should start with Community Clean Up with City continues to Fail it’s Jobs with excuses
    and double talk. Where Are Taxes going? Ask City CouncilMayor.

  • Robbie

    What you call trash and rodents I call the Republican National Convention. Must be having a tea party rally in the alley today. Some of the biggest rats like the McDonnell’s, Cantor’s , Koch brothers and Fox news will be there. Manisleazhi will be there to give mouth massages to the hanging Limbaugh’s as well as how to blow up your George Bush doll without getting tired.

    • Jim

      You are just rude. I’m not saying you are the only rude person on here, but you are close to the top of the list.

  • mbaker9105

    Those residents need to remember things like this when they go to re-elect their Council Reps… long has Trammel been in office? I’m always surprised and shocked when I see Richmond Citizens surprised and shocked when they realize how the money grubbing, society problem ignoring, school infrastructure ignoring, line my pockets first build that baseball stadium and Redskins Training Camp, hire my family into Government jobs, and basically do nothing Government administrations they keep electing, could really care less about the average citizen and the overall quality of life and infrastructure of the City. I’d suggest getting a group together and go straight to the Mayor, but they’d never get through the security detail he hired for himself with the citizens dollar…….There was a time in this country, only a few generations ago, where citizens could actually go see the President. Maybe the Mayor and his staff could set aside a couple of days a month to actually allow citizens on a first come first served basis to air their grievances. Right. well, maybe they’ll see them come election time…..

    • Glen Allen

      I think of all the City Council members, Reva Trammel actually goes way above and beyond what should be expected of in a City Council member. She has shown over, and over again that she is not afraid of the Administration or the Mayor, and unlike some City Council members, her votes cannot be bought.

  • Jim

    I’ve basically decided that the city doesn’t do routine maintenance well or for that matter emergency maintenance. I pick up litter in the neighborhood because the city doesn’t come by often enough to make a difference. I will leave the broken glass on the street, because I’m not getting cut when they have machines that should be coming by once in a while. They don’t come by very often. I’m not even sure they come once a year. The city never picked up leaves on my street this last season. Some of the neighbors called and got their leaves picked up and the trucks would get those leaves and ignore the ones in the next yard. Most of us ended up just bagging our leaves and letting the trash trucks put them in the dump.

  • Concerned

    Yes we did complain and I will continue to do so until the city does what they are expected to do. I didnt vote for Reva for this very reason. OUr neighborhood is not and has not been her priority at all. In regards to me going out there to cut it down, absolutely I will continue to cut my own lawn and weeds. I will not clean up behind the city. If I dont keep my yard and property up, than I can be fined. This has nothing to do with republicans, or democrats. THis has something to do with my city council representatives and the city management. Had they responded or came out when we contact them, this would have never reached the news. I will also assume due to the responses that some of you are just angry, bitter, and have nothing else to do. In regards to my neighbor watching her children, she didnt have to go into detail to prove anything to any of you. However when children are playing in a closed in fenced area, they can be left to play while being checked on regularly. Stick to the topic and stop being so negative. All we want is for our neighborhood to be cleaned and addressed just as the others. Good Day

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