‘I’m so scared’ vacationing teen posts deadly Virginia storm video on YouTube

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CAPE CHARLES, Va. – As a powerful and deadly storm hit  Cherrystone Family Camping Resort in Cape Charles, Virginia Thursday morning, one person in the middle of the storm pulled out her phone and started to record video.

“Okay, so I’m in my camper right now and something crazy is going on outside,” 17-year-old Danielle Rivera said on the video posted to YouTube. “I’m so scared.”

The storm killed two people and injured at least 25, according to police and hospital officials. Witnesses said it was a tornado that touched down at the campground.

“It’s hailing and the awning on my camper just came off,” Danielle said. “Oh my God.”

“Look at the tree, it fell on that guy’s camper!” her mom said.

Rivera told WAVY.com her family has camped at Cherrystone for the last 10 years.

Neither she, nor her mother, were seriously injured in the storm.


  • Jay

    Idiots…lucky they didn’t get cut up by flying glass/debris. Take shelter and worry about your 15 minutes later….blame the parents.

  • matt

    hey wtvr how about you find out exactly how many were killed then do the story.guess in a hour it will be 1?

    • ReplyingtoMattthe DA

      Matt. You do realize they get the info from State Police etc? Info changes sometimes and if you do not like the info they provide then YOU NEED TO NOT FOLLOW THEIR SITE!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?????????????

  • J

    I camped there a few years back and me and my fiancé left the campground to go to chincoteague for the day. We were at the beach and it suddenly began to hail so we ran back to my car soaked drove back to cherrystone and find out from our neighbor a tornado came through and there was nothing left at our campsite. Haven’t been able to convince my wife to go camping since.

  • jenny

    Short videos like this do not impress me. Seeing the camera wave around while showing a lot of black and hearing someone say “oh my God” doesn’t show WHAT is happening outside. And when the camera finally focuses on something outside so we can see, the video stops. Not journalistic quality: it’s not worthy of being posted in a news article. It simply serves to get the viewer excited only to be letdown bc there’s nothing to see. IMO.

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