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Vandals smash out car windows in Tuckahoe neighborhood

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Neighbors say someone smashed out the windows of at least four cars in the Spottswood Park neighborhood in Henrico's Tuckahoe.

"It's a nuisance for sure,” Spottswood Park Civic Association President Meade Browder said. "We don't usually have these type of things in this neighborhood. It's pretty rare."

Browder said that when he discovered the damage to his car Thursday morning, he called police.

"Whether it's just kids or whatever, I don't know. But obviously, it can be anybody,” said Browder.

A couple of blocks away on Sunset Drive, another vehicle was hit by vandals.

"The Henrico Police patrol pretty carefully around here," said Anita Priddy, who lives nearby. "Of course they can't be everywhere, every moment.”

But Browder said there have also been recent reports of shed break-ins where equipment was stolen in the area.

As a result,  Browder is urging his neighbors to be vigilant.

"Keep post lamps on and listen out for things,” said Browder. "If somebody comes by in the middle of the night and does that. I don't know if there's so much we can do."

Neighbors in the Spottswood Park Community are asking for more police to patrol the area.

Henrico Police said an investigation is underway.


    • kim

      said nobody ever? what rock have you been under? So many vancant buildings in downtown richmond turned into apartments/condos…apartments popping up along the canal walk. 5 or 6 apartment buildings in southside (manchester..perry st porter, hull st, off of 14th st, semmes), church hill renovating like crazy, scotts addition, need I go on?!

  • jr

    southside/chesterfield is worst than the east end. Look at all of the murders and murder-suicides this year.

  • jr

    all of the white people moving to the east end, dont believe me??? take a drive to the east end. oh I forgot Brandon is scared lol

  • trey

    maybe all the white people are moving to the east end because with section 8 rentals and apartments taking it they can’t get a place in the west end.Have you even seen some of the apartment complexes in the west end that use to be great places to live and are now just hoods.I mean most of them use to have grass believe or not.Crime is way up,school performance has dropped but hey thats probably for some other reason,right?

  • nateog

    I love channel 6 news. I don’t like all y’all [pick an adjective:old, overweight, antisocial, slightly lower IQ having, sitting at home peaking out the window at neighbors, no friends having, 1 drink away from alcoholism, family fueding] people with race baiting comments. Whether you really feel what you comment or just trying to get some one riled up, it’s getting old and is not funny. No race is perfect or better than the other. But since I understand you have no one in your life that actually cares what you think, continue to post your unnecessary comments.

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