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The photo that has people questioning the term ‘plus-size’

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Australian model Robyn Lawley is getting a lot of attention for a bikini photo that was posted online. Lawley, 25, is considered a plus-sized model, but the photo posted on Instagram left some people questioning why.

Lawley said she was unhappy with some of the plus-size swimwear she saw in stores, so she created her own line of swimwear. The model recently modeled some of the news looks on Instagram.

If it was attention she wanted, she got it. Hundreds of people took to social medial to like and comment on the photo. Not all of the comments were flattering.

“Plus size??? Are you freakin kidding me??!! If this is plus size, then everyone I know is morbidly obese. Wow,” said one commentator.

“In what world is she a plus size???” said another.

“The fact that this is plus sized makes me sick. She is flipping gorgeous, long and lean!” said one mother on Instagram.

While some people are upset Lawley’s is considered a plus-size model, others are angry that Lawley would feed into the system.

“You are not plus sized. You are a regular-sized individual. No more, no less. It is an insult to people with real weight issues that you title yourself with this. #getreal,” said one commentator.


  • Jenny

    i agree with the last poster. This chick is NOT plus-size. I’d like to know her definition of “plus-size”, bc if it’s from going by what she has been brainwashed in in her modelling career, it’s no wonder it’s a faulty definition. Those freaks running the modelling industry have lost their minds in what they think is beautiful or not. This girl has a perfectly fine body: in shape, toned, and lean, but by NO means is she overweight or has larger proportions than the average woman.

    • Aaron Smith

      Wow, what an amazing waste of time. Congratulations on being able to repeat what the article already said. Can we try saying something a little more constructive? Or here’s a thought! Let’s try actually doing something about it! Send her a message, find a group who is actually trying to change the perceptions that hollywood dumps on us like so much rotten waste. And yes I just wasted my own time typing up this comment, I’m a cynic, deal with it. *Dropsmic

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      She is a little thick. You sound kind of emotional, Jenny. Are you a plus-sized woman? It’s always the worst who claim that everyone else is “brainwashed”.

      • Belsma

        Apparently I am obese compared to her. I am probably 20 years older than her and a size 8..not complaining, just explaining. Guess you like your women really slim, which is fine, but people are just giving their opinions about what they feel is “plus” size.

  • Marcia

    *sigh* Maybe she thinks she ‘is’ plus size. Maybe you think she isn’t. Who cares? Just be happy in your body. If you aren’t happy, then change it. But, please don’t let ANYONE else tell you what you are. Ridiculous.

  • Robbie

    Won’t see Manigayshi posting on this. He’s tucked in with his George Bush blow up doll until he leaves for work at his just reopened massage parlor. He’ll be polishing some of his Faux news buddies Limbaugh’s.

    • manalishi

      Not me “chump” ,,,Unlike yourself, I’m a vagitarian. You have that whole west virginian family thing goin on. I hear it’s like socialism so you can give us a first handy perspective.

  • Marissa

    She’s plus sized because of her height.. the woman is 6’2, of course she’s going to be a larger size! Getting offended over this is like getting offended that a skinny girl with big breasts is a size large. Plus sized doesn’t equate to “fat”, it equates to plus sized.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    I like to sneak up behind a girl, pinch her love handles and make a funny noise. Hopefully it will motivate her to work on the cardio.

  • Kaila

    Plus size is any size over an XL she looks like she’s a medium!!! Sorry world but just because we may have a little extra tummy pooch doesn’t make us plus size.

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