Loyal dog stands guard over dying companion

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ATLANTA — An image of a pit bull standing guard over his injured female companion has gone viral online, according to WAGA.

Michael Mason was driving when he saw the injured pit bull. He snapped a picture of a male dog, later named “Herman,” standing over it.

Help arrived, but the female dog’s injuries were so severe it did not survive.

After the photo made it online, “Walking Dead” actress Kylie Szymanski posted it on her Facebook fan page and it has received more than 1,000 shares.

Fulton County, Ga., animal services have received hundreds of calls, but no one has adopted Herman yet.



  • Jenny

    Again, animals are “he” or “she”, not “it”. Please proofread and be consistent. In one part of the story, Herman is identified as “he”. Later, his female companion is identified as “it”. “It” is reserved for inanimate objects like a table or chair.

    Other than that, sweet story. Tugs at your heart. I hope someone adopts Herman.

  • Katherine

    Because believe it or not pit bulls are the most loyal dog breed…those vicious vicious pit bulls.

  • matt

    loyal if you mean by killing more then any other breed period.not to say there are not great dogs in every breed but facts are facts and you brought it up

    • Katherine

      I have two pitbulls who are therapy dogs & you only hear about pit bulls killing. Other dogs kill but the news doesn’t report it…pit bulls are a hot topic right now and media uses that to their advantage.

      • Tom

        “Hot Topic right now” ? Do you live in a cave? Don’t let the facts get in your way. Believe what you want, you people always do.

  • Psy-Ko Smiley

    Can’t the shelter let her have Shadow back and make payments on the bill for the other one? She obviously loves him and it’s not like he was in a bad home or anything. He just lost his best friend, don’t make him lose his family too!

    • Psy-Ko Smiley

      Actually never mind. Just read that the shelter waived the fees in exchange for them allowing the dog to be neutered. fair enough! The family still wanted him back even though he can’t breed anymore so I think they must love him for him and not just his puppies. Good luck to them, take care of him and let the naysayers spout off as they will.

  • Bonnie McMichael

    This is a very sad story, and even though this woman said this dog Shadow/ Star was like one of her children this dog appears to have been in a bad fight due to all the scars on his face and head.. I pray this dog was not used as a fighter .. I pray also that who ever addopts this dog will love him and care for him.. It appears to have had a rough life.. :(

    • TaiShay

      Hi Bonnie!
      Just wanted to say that might not be true. I have 2 put bills, and Tweddle Dee & Tweddle Dumb as I like to call the 2 goofs enjoy running around under the house, & that often come out with scraps and scratches. Often times really deep. We’ve put another board over the crawlspace cover… But that just broke it off 🙈 So let’s hope this baby had honest injuries from fun times & not abuse.

  • TaiShay

    I have 2 pitbulls & they are large babies! Other dogs attack people, too. I had a chihuahua that was vicious!!! But you aren’t gonna hear about a chihuahua attack on the news. She was at your ankles for NOTHING!!!
    I don’t think one bad apple should spoil the bunch.
    All blacks aren’t uneducated drug dealing killers.
    All whites aren’t snotty and uppity or dirty trailer park trash.
    All pitbulls aren’t vicious attack dogs. It’s all in how that are RAISED! Just like a child. Every now and than you may do everything right, & it’s still a “failure”, but that’s not likely.
    I really people would be more opened minded. We can’t even do it with dogs. No wonder we can’t do it with people 😔

    • Tee

      Great way to put it, sterotyping exists in so many different ways and levels….I absolutely love your comment, I wish more people could recognize the truth within it.

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